Disney Caves to MCU Fan Pressure, Returns to Blu-Ray

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Disney returning Blu-Ray with image of MCU to the left and icon of Blu-ray to the right

Credit: Disney / Inside the Magic

After much ado about plastic, merch, and fear of loss, Disney returns to Blu-Ray options (with a slight catch).

Disney returns blu-ray for Marvel
Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney Blu-Ray Returns, MCU Focus

The issues with plastic in the world led to Walt Disney opting for paper straws and moving away from Disney DVD options. Most everything is available on streaming through Disney+. Yet the thought of the Disney Movie Club losing its tactile ties to Walt Disney World left many dismayed.

The nostalgia of sliding in a VHS or Disney DVD lies in the touch, smell, and immersive experience, personal to everyone. That is something that no streaming service can offer. So, after much fan discontent, Walt Disney returned with Disney Blu-Ray. Yet this time, the focus is on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite them supposedly ‘abandoning’ the brand.

Disney returns Blu-ray but focuses on MCU
Credit: Marvel / Inside the Magic

Disney Blu-Ray Offerings Have an MCU Focus

According to recent news reports, The Mandalorian, Loki Season One, and WandaVision are all getting a magic dose of Disney Blu-Ray. These features will be available to pre-order beginning on August 28, 2023.

The plan is to release the physical videos, marking the first time Disney+ turned an original, complete series into a home video. As for The Mandalorian season distribution, one and two are in separate packages. WandaVision is set to include the full series, but the Loki release will only have the first season available.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in 'WandaVision' and ''WandaVision' Movie Poster with Wanda on it
Credit: Inside the Magic

What This Means for Fans of 4K UHD Blu-Ray

While the human eye stays relatively the same, technology improves with every film. Now, we can access deleted scenes, full series, and bonus features with the touch of a button. The Blu-Ray disc ensures that viewers get the highest quality visual experience possible.

What the Disney Blu-Ray offers is the chance to use the physical disc to hold a direct tie to the magic of Loki, The Mandalorian, and WandaVision. While there are many changes in the air, the Walt Disney Company and its affiliates are willing to make changes to supply when there is clear demand.

What do you think about the return to plastic discs? Share your take in the comments below!

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