Disney+ May Soon Introduce Ads, Increase Prices

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The streaming industry is changing and has been changing even before the industry strikes started back in May.

Earlier this year, Disney and Hulu announced that they would be removing content as part of their merger and fans were quick to wonder what it would mean for other streaming platforms. As Warner Bros. Discovery turned HBO Max into Max, they announced the removal of several Cartoon Network shows and other content from their platform as well, and Netflix and Paramount quickly followed suit.

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Along with that news, Netflix announced that it would finally be cracking down on password sharing among accounts, changing their streaming model so that accounts could only be used on the “home” wifi setup. Although it caused a lot of outrage at first, Netflix recently indicated that they’ve seen an increase in revenue rather than a loss in subscribers, proving that viewers continued to subscribe to Netflix even through the outrage.

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Now, the platform has taken it one step further and has removed its cheapest subscription option without ads. Essentially, every cheap subscription option for Netflix now comes with commercials and ads. This comes as the company restructures its business model, looking for ways to increase their prices while being able to generate ad revenue as well.

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Originally, the concept of streaming was an effort to replace cable TV and allow viewers to access a variety of content at any given point in time without commercial or ad breaks. Back when there are only a handful of streaming platforms, Netflix was one of the biggest services, although it has quickly fallen from the top spot as more and more studios create their own streaming sites.

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As these platforms continue to follow each other’s leads, it may only be a matter of time until Disney+ and other sites follow Netflix’s precedent. As of right now Disney+ users are able to share passwords and accounts, and the platform hasn’t introduced heavy ads just yet. However, as they continue to remove content and fight against the ongoing WGA and SAG strikes, it’s clear that The Walt Disney Company is on the hunt for ways to cut their own spending while making more money. It may just be a matter of time before Disney+ updates their pricing and announces their own ad-based tiers.

What do you think about Netflix’s update? Could Disney+ be next to increase their prices and provide ads?

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