Disney Stock Shock for Fans After Hitting Five-Year Low

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Disney Stock Hits Five-Year Low

Disney Stock Hits Five-Year Low | Credit: Disney

It’s no mystery that the stock market is, well, a mystery. But that doesn’t stop investors from making plans, and the Disney stock shock that hit right before Memorial weekend promises to impact the situation. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), under the ticker DIS, Disney stock dates all the way back to 1957. So, it’s fair to say that there’s been some ups and downs, and the news of a five-year low is definitely one of the latter.

Disney Stock Continues to Decline, Eliminating 5 Years of Gains - Disney Dining
Disney Stock Continues to Decline, Eliminating 5 Years of Gains – Credit: Disney Dining

To disclaim this, the stock market is a volatile place. On the other hand, DIS dropped from upwards of $100 per share to $88.29 as it entered the long weekend. The shocking aspect is that this is just a pittance above the roughly $85 Disney stock price in March 2020. While the root of the situation is up for debate, a sure thing is that current events have an impact on trading.

Bob Iger, CEO, The Walt Disney Company
Bob Iger, CEO, The Walt Disney Company | Credit: Scott Mlyn/CNBC

Many investors saw this coming, and to be fair, there were many signs. Price hikes are not a new idea, and it’s no secret that stock dipped multiple times in 2022. Plus, the current political environment is likely to cause some disruption in Disney stock. Down but not out, Disney shares might be trading low, but it’s certainly caught the attention of investors who plan to use this opportunity.

Disneyland family looking at fireworks
Disneyland family looking at fireworks | Credit: mickeyblog.com, David Mumpower

There is much ado about plenty when it comes to Disney stock and how the company addresses it. On the one hand, Disney had plans to infuse $17 billion into Disney World. Conversely, there is ample opportunity for Florida politics to change the feasibility of this plan through various legislation.

Walt Disney world statistics
Walt Disney World statistics | Credit: capital.com

The good news? Stock markets are volatile. Disney stock is of international interest, and thanks to that fine fact, it means that a localized issue likely won’t impact the whole. As far as the future goes, there’s no crystal ball. One certain thing: Disney’s been around through thick and thin, and it probably will stay that way.

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