Characters Missing From Popular Dining Experience, No Refunds Given

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According to a Disneyland Resort Guest, Goofy and his pals were a no-show at Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel this morning.

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The Disneyland Resort visitor was disappointed to learn that when she arrived for breakfast, there was a “slight glitch.” The Guest tweeted out:

We just got into breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen. We were told, “uhh…there’s a slight glitch. None of our characters will be here today.” Um, what? What happened to all of them??

Based on the social media chatter, there seems to be no official explanation for why Goofy and his friends didn’t show up for breakfast this morning at the restaurant.

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To make matters worse, according to the Guest, there were no discounts given for the inconvenience. According to a reply from the comments section, the restaurant visitor said

Nope, not even a discount.

This seems to be a bizarre occurrence.  Thankfully it looks like the characters showed up within the hour. However, the damage had already seemed to appear done, as it was also reported the restaurant was pretty empty because of so many cancellations.  The Guest went on to say:

So strange! They said they would try to have characters here within an hour to two. Minnie and Pluto have shown up. The restaurant is pretty empty because of cancellations!

Goofy’s Kitchen breakfast buffet provides Guests with an array of morning delights. Visitors can pose for a photo in Goofy’s zany kitchen when the characters are present before they enter the eatery. Many favorite Disney friends are known to pay a visit to diners, as Disney characters pass by each table during the meal.

Have you ever been to a Disney character dining experience where the characters are a no-show? Let us know if this has ever happened to you.

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