Arnold Schwarzenegger Paid Back Danny Devito For 30 Year Old Prank

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Arnold Schwarzenegger waited 30 long years to pay back fellow actor Danny Devito.

Back in 1988, Schwarzenegger and Devito were on the set of the film Twins.

Twins is about Julius and Vincent Benedict (Arnold and Devito) twin brothers. They are the result of a secret experiment carried out at a genetics laboratory to combine the DNA of six fathers to produce the perfect child.

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To the surprise of the scientists, the embryo split, and the twins were born. The mother, Mary Ann Benedict, was told that Julius died at birth, and not told about Vincent at all.

Vincent was placed in an orphanage run by nuns in Los Angeles and believed his mother abandoned him. With no one but himself to rely on, Vincent seduced a nun, escaped from the orphanage, and later became an indebted, small-time criminal.

Julius was raised on a South Pacific Island by Professor Werner, one of the scientists from the experiment, who put him through intense physical training and extensive study. Both believed Mary Ann died during childbirth.

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Well, in between takes, the two actors would hang out, make some pasta for lunch, and enjoy a cigar.

On one particular occasion, Devito decided to slip some marijuana into Arnold’s cigar.

This rendered Schwarzenegger incapable of remembering his lines when they returned to set that afternoon. Thankfully, according to Arnold, director Ivan Reitman was a good sport about the whole thing.

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He made sure to get plenty of close-ups of Devito so that Arnold could read his lines off of a script.

“We were lucky this was on Ivan’s movie,” he said, “because if this ever happened on a Jim Cameron film, we would have been in real trouble.”

It took 30 years, but Arnold was finally able to pay back Devito.

The two were recently together and Schwarzenegger attempted to give Devito a marijuana cigar.

“But unfortunately, he still has the nose of a bloodhound, and sniffed out the special ingredient right away,” Schwarzenegger said.

Despite the failure, the duo shared a laugh-worthy moment together decades after a good prank.

What’s the best prank you ever pulled?

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