Al Roker Takes Over Universal Studios in Epic Event

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Al Roker Universal Studios

Credit: NBCUniversal

Al Roker made his way down to Florida to kick off the November Start TODAY walking challenge at Universal Orlando Resort this morning.

NBCUniversal invited viewers to join the Start TODAY walking challenge, and join Al on a walk in Orlando. More than 200 people joined Roker as he made his way through Universal Studios Florida. In addition, there was also a live segment with trainer Stephanie Mansour, who joined Al on the walk and shared some more tips.

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Credit: Universal

“You don’t want to psyche yourself by saying, ‘OMG, 20 minutes is too long,’ or, ‘I can’t do this pumpkin workout with us,'” she said via WESH 2. “So, what you want to do — one of our members, her success was being able to walk out her front door to her mailbox and then walk back in. For some of us, that might sound like, ‘OK, I do that every day,’ but for other people, that is a huge accomplishment.”

Start TODAY is a popular broadcast and digital fitness series, that gives viewers the tools they need to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle – with new 30-day walking plans at the beginning of each month. Recently Start TODAY gained momentum among an engaged and enthusiastic audience on Facebook. 99.7k people have now joined the Start TODAY Facebook group, which has become a supportive community of fans sharing accomplishments, setbacks, and inspiration from their own personal fitness journeys.

Al Roker Universal Studios
Credit: NBCUniversal

Al Roker plays an active role in this community with his magnetic personality and zeal for walking – his favorite form of exercise – and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour provides workout tips and motivational resources to keep you moving.

You can read more about the walking challenge and the event on The Today Show’s official website.

Universal Studios Florida is home to many iconic attractions, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Revenge of the Mummy, The Bourne Stuntacular, Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show, The Simpsons Ride, and much more.

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