The Legend of an Abandoned Disney Park Under a Pond

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Credit: Twitter E.M. Fett (@maralorian)

Legend has it there’s an abandoned Disney Park called the Duck Pond.

It was unique in that the entire Park was actually under a pond.

The premise was that it was like Disneyland, except instead of Mickey, everything was Donald. Mickey would show up on occasion, but it was Donald who ran the show.

Duck Pond
Credit: Disney

Something so horrible happened, that Disney “allegedly” closed the Park for good. They also tried to hide it so no one would ever know about its existence.

Rumor has it that children started to go missing and it was one of the employees in a Donald costume that was taking them.

The story goes that one day, during a head count of all the costumed employees, there was an extra Donald. Odd. A double and triple check, and yep, he was still there.

Credit: Disney

Not having very many employees, security was called. But by the time they got there, the extra Donald was gone.

With the possibility that someone came to the Park in costume and kidnapped children was enough for Disney to close the Duck Pond.

Former employees went back months later to investigate.

Credit: Disney

A random lead was given to them. They found out there was a secret area, about a tenth the size of the park underneath the Duck Pond.

There was a hidden bookshelf in the main hall that was accessible with a key. Once inside, an elevator took you down to the secret room.

There was discarded and torn up Mickey plushes, old Donald Duck costumes, newspapers, and storage boxes. Among all that was also a stench that was practically unbearable.

Duck Pond
Credit: Loopdeeloop

Authorities say the Duck Pond was closed because of a serial killer who was using the Park to do his bidding dressed as a character.

Legend has it, the man was arrested and is still in prison. However, he is set to be released in 2023.

What do you think? Did Disney really cover up an abandoned Theme Park? Let us know in the comments.

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