Dead Fish Falling From Sky At Disney Resort Baffles Guests

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Dead Fish Falling In Tokyo Disney Resort

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It seems like the day has finally come when fish fly.

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Recently, Guests visiting a seemingly regular Disney theme park for a day of fun encountered something strange.

What would have otherwise been a normal thrill-seeking, attraction-riding, parade-viewing and food-eating day turned to confusion as Guests walking around a seemingly regular Disney Resort encountered dead fish falling from the sky.

hotel miracosta exterior and mediterranean harbor from inside tokyo disneysea
Credit: Disney

The fish curiously plopped down in front of Guests at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. Unlike other entirely Walt Disney Company-owned Parks like the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, the Tokyo Disney Resort exists as the Walt Disney Company’s first-ever international Disney Park and is owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company and sits just beside the JR Maihama Station. Tokyo Disney Resort comprises two theme parks – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, all connected by the Disney Resort Line monorail.

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Credit: Disney

The Guest who first reported on the fish’s existence at the Tokyo Disney Resort was user @370506k on Twitter, who was shocked, describing the fish as having fallen from the sky as they were walking around casually on the Disney property — and it didn’t stop at one:

(translated) Well, when I was walking, a fish fell from above! ! Bird? ? #TDR__now


Other Disney fans were quick to respond to this baffling phenomenon, offering their insight on the species of fish and responding to the original poster’s initial suspicion that it was the doing of birds flying overhead. @370506k added that it wasn’t just a single fish, though:

(translated) @vivavenom0: Is it a mullet ? 🤔
Probably a bird dropped the one it caught.😂
@370506k: I was surprised when two fell down lol

@vivavenom0: ボラでしょうか🤔
@370506k: 2匹落ちてきてびっくりした笑


Making a connection to Disney itself, user @D26352313 offered a somewhat obscure reference that perhaps only some of the biggest Disney nerds might recognize:

It’s the work of Tippy Blue~🐟


The joking response references the character of TippyBlue is a Friend of Duffy the Disney Bear who belongs to none other than Mickey Mouse himself — TippyBlue is a seagull character who presides over the Cape Cod Port of Call (as the themed lands are called in Tokyo DisneySea) and can be seen in Mediterranean Harbor.

Apparently, this phenomenon has actually happened before at the Disney Parks — in fact, @Mickesta102125 adds that they also encountered random “flying” fish before:

It fell when I was on the trail before 🐟
Maybe, it happens sometimes when it’s Sea 🥴


This user responds to the original poster with a rough date on when their own experience happened:

(translated) @D26352313: This was my first time seeing this 🐟 lol
@Mickesta102125: Actually, it happened for me around the 35th anniversary‼️I think it was a rare and valuable experience‼️

@D26352313: 初めて見ました🐟笑
@Mickesta102125: 私の時が35周年の頃なので、滅多にないことかと‼️貴重な体験されたと思います‼️

The Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th Anniversary took place in 2018 — so it appears that this has truly been a reoccurring incident for visitors to the Disney Park. In fact, the name “Tokyo DisneySea” might give an indication as to why fish were spotted at the Disney Resort in the first place — apart from being themed after the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.) of Disneyland Resort and general Disney Park fame, the Tokyo Disney Resort is located fairly close to the actual ocean. Either way, it must be extremely surprising to be walking around a Disney theme park when all of a sudden, you’re accosted by flying, dead fish from the sky!

Have you ever encountered something similar before? Do you have a theory as to how this happened? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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