“Hate Speech” Kept Disney From Buying Twitter

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The Walt Disney Company is home to many properties across several different platforms.

In addition to the Disney Parks all around the world– including Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, Disney owns Marvel Studios, LucasFilms, Pixar Animation Studios, ESPN, and many more properties.

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Disney is currently in the process of acquiring Hulu as the full owner, but there is another popular platform that was almost owned by Disney.

In a recent interview, former CEO Bob Iger shared that Disney was on the verge of acquiring Twitter in 2016 before ultimately electing to pull the plug.

The reason? “Hate speech” and “bots,” according to Iger.

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“We were intent on going into the streaming business,” Iger said. “We needed a technology solution.”

“It was viewed as sort of a social network,” Iger recalled. “We were viewing it as something completely different. We could put news, sports, entertainment, [and] reach the world.” “And frankly, it would have been a phenomenal solution, distribution-wise,” Iger said.

However, after Iger went home and contemplated over the weekend, he ultimately came to the decision not to go through with the acquisition.

“Then you have to look, of course, at all the hate speech and potential to do as much harm as good,” he said. “We’re in the business of manufacturing fun at Disney — of doing nothing but good, even though there are others today that criticize Disney for the opposite, which is wrong.

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“This was just something that we were not ready to take on and I was not ready to take on as the CEO of a company and I thought it would have been irresponsible,” Iger shared.

Ultimately, it was Tesla billionaire Elon Musk who bought Twitter, though the deal hasn’t completely gone through as of yet.

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