New Allegations of Sexual Assault Come Forward at Popular Theme Park

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Credit: Cedar Point

Theme parks are supposed to be places in which both Guests and Team Members alike have enjoyable times and make memories that last a lifetime.

Whether it be Walt Disney World Resort at any of the Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, or many others, theme parks are some of the most beloved destinations on earth.

However, reports from WTOL uncovered 27 allegations of sexual assault by Team Members at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

Blue Streak at Cedar Point
Credit: Cedar Point

Many Cedar Point Team Members live at a nearby apartment complex during the theme park’s season and this location is where the vast majority of alleged incidents unfolded.

“I don’t know how many hundreds of employees live in the employee housing. I don’t know how many they have who are part-time living there or full-time living there. I know there’s a larger population that takes over those housing areas during the season, so there’s a lot of people and a small place. But that is a larger number (of assaults),” Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver said. “I would like to see a smaller number than that.”

The report, which was released last week, noted that the number may be much higher because not all incidents are reported and now an updated report has come to light, noting more allegations of sexual assault by former employees of the theme park.

According to the updates, three former HR employees claim lax controls on Cedar Point’s hiring process threatened the safety of the staff and the public.

cedar point
Credit: ABC

State Rep. Lisa Sobeck urged the theme park to investigate these allegations and said they were “deeply troubling” and “have revealed an unacceptable pattern.”

Cedar Point provided the following statement in response to background checks:

“Cedar Point conducts background checks on new hire associates. It has been our longstanding practice and it continues to be a vital tool in our hiring process. If there are issues uncovered in the background check that could jeopardize the health and safety of our associates or guests, we take appropriate action up to and including termination of the associate.”

cedar point
Credit: Cedar Point

The theme park also provided the previous statement when reports of the sexual assault allegations came to light:

“The safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority. Through a variety of methods, our on-site housing is monitored 24/7. In addition, our team is available to assist associates at any time with multiple resources, including on-site security, an emergency texting program, a dedicated and confidential associate “Speak-Up Hotline” and access to mental health programs. Associates are made aware of these resources during their onboarding process. 

Cedar Point takes these matters very seriously. All reports of associate misconduct are immediately responded to, reviewed, and if appropriate, escalated to local law enforcement for further investigation.”

Inside the Magic will continue to update you on this investigation.

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