Disney Park Reopens After Positive COVID-19 Case Shut Down Resort

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On October 31, we reported that Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown would immediately close due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Guests could no longer see the stunning Enchanted Storybook Castle, as the theme park temporarily stopped entry to the theme park due to a reported positive case of COVID-19. It seems a Guest who entered the Park on October 30th received a positive COVID-19 test.

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Credit: Disney

The website then alerted Guests that the park would remain closed for two days at minimum as testing would begin.

In order to follow the requirement of pandemic prevention and control, Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, November 1-2, 2021. We will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide refund or exchange for all guests impacted during this period. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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As noted by The Wall Street Journal:

More than 30,000 visitors to the Shanghai Disneyland theme park were kept within the park’s gates on Sunday and forced to undergo Covid-19 testing after a customer tested positive for the virus, a move that underscores China’s eradication efforts.

Now, we can see that Shanghai Disneyland is once again open to Guests as the Park anticipated initially! DONGDONG (@gourmetdyy) took to Twitter to show Cast Members welcoming Guests back into the Park now that it reopened after a two-day closure.

Park resumed operation after 2 days contemporary closure #ShanghaiDisneyland #SHDL #上海ディズニーランド #Disney #Disneypark #Disneyland

Guests who had tickets for either day of closure were either refused or able to move their ticketed date to another. Below is what Shanghai Disneyland has displayed on their site regarding the reopening. As we can see, all staff has been tested before returning to work.

Shanghai Disneyland and Disney Town will resume operations from November 3, 2021 (Wednesday). On November 3, the operating hours of Shanghai Disneyland will be 10:00-19:00, and the operating hours of Disney Town will be 10:00-21:00.

All cast and third-party staff returning to work in Shanghai Disneyland and Disney Town have completed two nucleic acid tests within 48 hours in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and the results are all negative, and will strictly follow the city’s epidemic prevention and control Requirements for autonomous health monitoring. All environmental samples collected were negative.

We will continue to implement measures to strengthen various epidemic prevention operations, including comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of all equipment, good indoor ventilation, and management of social distancing. We will continue to take strict health and safety measures for all tourists, including current limit, peak shift, appointment, temperature measurement and health code inspection.

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For tourists whose travel plans are affected, please contact the original purchase channel for consultation, refund or rescheduling.

Thanks to all the workers involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic, including medical staff. Your professionalism and efficient work have further added confidence to the prevention and control of the epidemic; thank you to every cast and crew member for your selfless persistence and dedication to ensure the resort Smoothly resume operations; thank all tourists, all citizens and all walks of life, your active cooperation and understanding inspire us to continue to create more beauty and joy!

I am sincerely grateful to everyone! Nice to meet you again!

At the moment, Guests must wear masks in queuing areas, indoor areas and other situations where proper social distance cannot be guaranteed.

When in any Disney Park, always be sure to follow the rules and regulations set in place by the Park, and adhere to the proper face-covering guidelines. 


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