Disney Songs Transformed to Wedding Songs by Talented Singer

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A talented singer is taking social media by storm. Not only does this artist have a fantastic voice, but he’s covering Disney songs which makes us love it all the more! Brent Morgan has taken a handful of favorite songs from beloved Disney films and turned them into the perfect wedding songs. If you’re a Disney song lover and about to get married, know someone who is, or simply want to hear something amazing… check out how Brent turns these Disney songs into wedding songs. Just don’t miss the last video to see one of Brent’s songs over a special wedding moment (tissues needed).

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Finale
Credit: Disney

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For all of us HUGE Disney fans out there, we all know that when planning a wedding, one way or another, we will be adding touches of Disney into the memorable day. While a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding would be a dream come true for many, sometimes a beautiful Disney song is just the right amount of pixie dust.

When Brent Morgan takes to the microphone, he puts his spin on a Disney song by transforming it into an ideal love song, perfect for any Disney fan. First up, let’s enjoy a little “I See The Light” from the popular Disney film, Tangled. @brentmorganmusic takes to TikTok to share his version noting, “if “I See The Light” from Tangled was in a WEDDING.” The video below has over 2 million views!

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Any Tarzan fans out there? Of course, we simply can’t get enough of Phil Collins, but this version of the sweet song, “You’ll Be In My Heart” is pretty incredible.


Tarzan’s, You’ll Be In My Heart by @disney but in a WEDDING 😍 #fyp #disney #singers #wedding #HowIBathAndBodyWorks #outerbanks

♬ original sound – Brent Morgan

Here’s our favorite so far… “A Little Mermaid Wedding in DISNEY WORLD!” Disney Parks TikTok even responded to this video with the comment, “Goosebump. So good!”

Here’s the beautiful, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella:


Reply to @disneyparks when Disney challenges, YOU ACCEPT ☺️ #fyp #disney #singers #happyplace #disneyworld50

♬ original sound – Brent Morgan

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Ok, now see one of Brent’s Disney classics with a wedding video! Warning – grab some tissues because you’re going to need them as @shellyrob9719 uses Brent’s song in her TikTok video that is just beautiful:


Saw @brentmorganmusic tik tok about his song release! Fell in love and had to do it! #shellyrob9719 #weddingtiktok #weddingdress #weddingday #couples

♬ original sound – Brent Morgan

Wow. It’s tough to see/hear that last video and not get a little teary-eyed! Just imagine having these songs at your wedding reception, during a father daughter dance, or even incorporated into the wedding ceremony. If you’d like to hear the full versions, you can check out Brent Morgan on Spotify.

Did you have Disney wedding music for your big day? Or maybe you’re planning to?

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