Guest Speaks Out on Overcrowding in Accessible Areas at Universal Halloween Event

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When Guests visit Orlando theme parks, many of the areas are created so that Guests can travel freely regardless of any mobility issues. This means that ramps and adequate space are often provided so that Guests on a motorized scooter or wheelchair can easily maneuver themselves around the Park so that they too can have the same theme park experience as others.

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At the moment, Universal has its Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights, running for its 30th year. The event is highly beloved by Guests and is also meant to be accessible. Guests in a wheelchair or scooter have enough room to move through the houses quickly, and ramps are provided for entrances and exits. That being said, it seems that the overcrowding of the event has made it difficult for some Guests to use these accessible areas.

halloween horror nights
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Inside the Magic spoke with Universal Guests and Halloween Horror Nights fan Max Darko, who recently attended the event with his mother. Max attended in a wheelchair, which theoretically should have been smooth sailing but unfortunately was not.

Max stated:

I was at HHN the other night in a wheelchair. Everytime I had to use a ramp to get onto the sidewalk, or out, a large group of people were standing there, chatting, or even straight up sitting where the ramp ends, blocking the way for everyone in a chair! I had to scream my lungs out to get them to see me and they still didn’t move. They all just looked at me weird. Another person in a wheelchair came and was just as pissed that they we were blocked. Luckily someone else came and informed that whole party to move, but it kept happening all night. I know no one is thinking about guests who are in wheelchairs but wow. Some consideration would be nice.

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Max added that during the event, he was with his mother, who bought a single day pass which felt wasted due to the difficulty to move around, as well as the frustration that came along with blocked exits all evening long.

It was the only night I had to go with my mother (she got a single ticket that night, while I have ultimate frequent fear) and it felt wasted on fighting through crowds/being trapped in one area. I love HHN but the experience was a disaster. More help or even awareness from team members would be huge. It’s a really common issue.

Halloween Horror Nights
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Team Members will often do their best to ensure that walkways remain clear; however, the number of Guests at the event indeed outnumber them, so it is essential that those attending are aware of their surroundings and continue to keep pathways open as clogging an exit is extremely hazardous.

Have you ever visited Halloween Horror Nights in a wheelchair or motorized scooter? Do you find the event to be accessible? 

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