Disney Park Hits Capacity Multiple Days in a Row

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disneyland paris capacity

Left Image Credit: @modernlifeisgood/ RIght Image Credit: @DLPReport

A few days ago, Disneyland Paris issued a capacity warning through November 7, 2021 due to the popularity of the Disney Halloween Festival. Now, we are seeing this hold true as Disneyland Paris has hit capacity multiple times already this week.

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Credit: Disneyland Paris

On October 28, DLP Report shared that capacity was hit at Disneyland Paris, which is something that is likely to occur every day with the Halloween festivities. Per DLP Report:

As expected, capacity is likely to be reached daily between now and Halloween. That is a case today and this glamorous sign is out:

This was also the case on October 29. DLP Report shared the following photos to Twitter, showing that Disneyland Paris hit capacity, along with the caption:

The “Parks Full” notices are becoming pretty intense ahead of the busy Halloween Weekend:

Twitter user Modern Life is Good shared a photo of the crowds at Disneyland Paris on October 27, writing:

I think crowds are getting back to normal in Disneyland Paris. Crowds getting in today #dlp #DLPLive #disneylandparis #DisneyParks

If you have plans to visit Disneyland Paris in the near future, please ensure that you have a valid ticket and Park reservation prior to arriving. Per the Disneyland Paris website:

Important information – Disney Halloween Festival until November 7

Due to the popularity of the Disney Halloween Festival, there are few places available until November 7, 2021. Be sure to check availability before coming to celebrate Halloween with us! To access the Disney Parks, you must have a dated ticket or have recorded your date of visit if you have an undated ticket or an Annual Pass. We look forward to welcoming you to Disneyland Paris!

disneyland paris standbypass
Credit: @Pixiedust_be

Also, make sure you are aware of the current rules and regulations, including the updated face mask policy, which states that face coverings are now only required for Guests aged 11 years and older; though Disneyland Paris is still recommending that face masks would be worn for everyone over the age of six.

This change came just days after Disneyland Paris also decided to remove social distancing from the theme parks, which you can read more about here.

For more information on safety protocols at the theme parks, visit the official Disneyland Paris website here.

Do you have plans to visit Disneyland Paris in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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