Disney’s Wedding Pavilion Has a Secret Hidden Camera So the Bride or Groom Can Spy

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If you are planning on getting married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, be careful because there is a hidden technology that will allow your partner to spy on you before he or she walks down the aisle.

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Getting married at Walt Disney World Resort is a dream for many of us Disney fans, and if you had the budget to do it, the choices in terms of your location for the bid day are endless. Perhaps you want a Tower of Terror wedding and plan to use the courtyard, or an EPCOT wedding to take over one of the World Showcase pavilions. Maybe you just want to be classic and get married in front of Cinderella Castle! Disney truly does their best to make everyone’s special day come to life in the most magical way possible.

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The Wedding Pavilion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has always been the original wedding location on the property. When Disney World began doing weddings, the Wedding Pavilion was all they had to offer. Recently, the location has been reimagined and looks even more beautiful than ever. 

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Being on its own island, Guests will be transported into the luxury that is the Cinderella-inspired space with stunning details that will leave your Guests (and you) tingling. Even the large glass behind the happy couple is a magnifying glass so that the castle can appear much larger for those watching the ceremony. 

Hidden Camera
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Well, that was not the only trick Disney was hiding up their sleeve with this location. When all of the wedding party walks down the aisle, the Bride or Groom (whoever is walking down last) will be able to see everything that is going on before he or she enters. Both doors have a golden peephole, but not one that you need to squint to see. There is actually a camera on the door, which shows a wide-angle shot of the room’s interior on a small circular screen before you enter.

This way, the bride or groom can ensure that all Guests are seated and everything is perfect before making their grand entrance!

Did you know there was a secret camera in Disney’s Wedding Pavilion?


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