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A monthly payment plan exclusively for California residents will be offered for Disneyland’s new Magic Key program. The program for frequent Disneyland Resort visitors replaces the sunsetted Annual Passholder program which was offered for the Anaheim theme parks.

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Monthly Payment Plan Available For Some Disneyland Magic Key Passholders

We’ve learned today from the Disney Parks Blog that the monthly payment plan will continue to be available to in-state residents wishing to purchase a Magic Key Pass. Disneyland values its frequent visitors, and the continuation of the beloved monthly payment program proves it. There is also an option to pay for your Magic Key Pass in full, for those that wish to do so. The monthly payments are only an option. 

With the lowest tier Magic Key Pass starting at $399 (Imagine Key), California residents will be able to pay $19 a month for 12 months – this is based on an example for a Southern California resident (ZIP codes 90000-93599) who will make a down payment of $179.  The remaining balance will be made in equal payments for 12 months with 0% APR.

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Those that wish to purchase the Enchant Key, the second tier, can again make that same down payment and then have a $40 payment a month for 12 months.

Again, with the Believe and Dream Keys, the monthly payments go up, and are listed below with the example of the $179 down payment.

magic key monthly payment plan believeIt’s refreshing to see Disney’s prices being so reasonable, with our expectations having been wrestled over the last year. While it looks like theme park reservations are here to stay in the “short” term, we can expect Disneyland Resort access to become much smoother with the advent of the Magic Key program.

Guests can purchase their preferred Magic Key Pass starting August 25, 2021 (no earlier than 10 a.m. PT). Their first opportunity to “unlock” a visit to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure park with a theme park reservation will be that same day, and they can purchase their pass through or the Disneyland app. Guests with Magic Keys will also be able to access an interactive admission calendar for their pass type to view reservation availability and book their theme park reservations.

Are you going to use the monthly payment plan to purchase your Magic Key pass? Leave us a comment below!

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