Slinky Dog Gets Terrifyingly Tangled in New Mickey Ears

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Disney Mickey Ears

Credit: Thecalibae via Instagram

For many of us Disney fans, one of the easiest ways that Disney can continuously take our credit cards is by creating a new set of Mickey ears. 

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Credit: Paulsthemeparkadventures

Mickey and Minnie ears are the essential add-on to any Disney bound or theme park day outfit that will really give your look the magical Disney flair that it deserves. Since Disney makes so many ear headbands in various colors, themes, and designs, having one pair is never enough. Personally, I am known to bring multiple ears to the parks if I am ever doing a quick outfit change to ensure that every outfit has the perfect pair of ears to match!

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Credit: Disney

However, sometimes Disney can make ears that are a little too wild for some. The Callie Bae/Five Fires (@thecalibae) recently took to Instagram to show off a new pair of Mickey ears that are themed to Toy Story. It seems that Disney was almost trying to combine their original Slinky Dog ears with the classic Toy Story clouds…but the results are a quite interesting.

New Slinky Dog ears at world of Disney for $29.99! Awesome find and photo from @soy.gataa

As you can see in the photo above, Slinky Dog is attached to the ears, with his body going right through the clouds, leaving the ears in a bent, lopsided position. It seems that if Disney wanted to put so much weight on the ears themselves, each ear’s interior needs a stronger reinforcement so that it can stay upright!

Below, you can see the original Slinky Dog headband, which forgo the Mickey Mouse ear shape but stay sturdy and upright. It also does not have Slinky Dog stuck between anything (like cloud-covered Mickey ears, for example).

slinky dog ears
Credit: _thatdisgirl via Instagram

It also is an interesting design to see Slinky Dog’s body completely stuck between the clouded ears. Perhaps Slinky Dog watched to many episodes of Loki, found a TemPad in Avengers Campus, and this is him moving to a new timeline? That being said, even if the ears are not my personal favorite, @thecalibae’s photo already has multiple comments of Guests loving the new ears.

These new ears can currently be found in the World of Disney at Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort!

What do you think of these ears? Are they a “must-have” or a “do not”? 

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