Gift Yourself This Lady and The Tramp Makeup Bag

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Ready your powder puff! This precious Lady & The Tramp Makeup Bag from Danielle Nicole is the perfect gift to treat yourself!

While it’s not labeled as a Box Lunch exclusive, the adorable bag is absent from all other websites, making us crave it even more! Re-creating an iconic film moment from the classic animation, Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, the cosmetic bag offers us a peek of Lady from her hat-style gift box!

gift box lady tramp cosmetic bag
Credit: BoxLunch

Lady and The Tramp Makeup Bag

Darling was so surprised when Jim Dear gifted her a wiggling gift! First expecting it to the latest fashion in hats (after all, it was a hatbox), she opened the ribbon to a moving lid and a sweet Cocker Spaniel baby! The moment was inspired by Walt Disney’s own gifting of a Chow puppy named Sunnee to his wife!  You can listen to the story below from Walt Disney himself (and in his own voice!) in this video.

“I went out an bought a chow and I kept it under wraps. […] On Christmas Eve I picked my chow up from the dog kennel and I took it over, kept it in a big hat box. I got a big ribbon on it. When the time came, I went over and put the little puppy in the hat box, tied it up with a ribbon. […] So, my wife didn’t see me bring it in. My niece went over and she said, “Oh, it says to ‘Lilly from Santy Claus!’”

So, she brought this big hat box over and put it in front of my wife. And my wife said, “Oh, Walt! You didn’t?!” She didn’t know I bought a dog. She thought I bought her a hat! So, she started to open it and it moved. When she opened it this little chow stuck its head out. And from that time on, that was her baby.” – Walt Disney

lady tramp makeup bag
Credit: BoxLunch

This sweet Lady and the Tramp makeup bag from Danielle Nicole doesn’t currently list its dimensions, but it looks plenty big enough to store all your makeup essentials and search easily for them in this partially clear PVC polyurethane belly. Straight from the dog’s mouth, the Box Lunch website gives us some details on the Lady & The Tramp makeup bag:

Carry everything you need to make yourself feel pawsitively pretty for your next spaghetti dinner date! This sparkly cylindrical cosmetic bag features a Lady and the Tramp graphic, clear striped body, and velvet bow handle.

lady tramp bag disney
Credit: BoxLunch

On the backside, a sturdy panel of vinyl pleather stands in sparkly solidarity to keep your cast from collapsing under the weight of your blushes. Stamped in gold to match the zipper is a maker’s mark from Danielle Nicole. Inside, you’ll find a silky lining and another faux suede Disney x Danielle Nicole maker’s mark.

lady and the tramp danielle nicole
Credit: BoxLunch
lady tramp gift bag
Credit: BoxLunch

Would you add this Lady and the Tramp inspired cosmetic bag to your collection? Perhaps it will inspire you to adopt your own “Sunnee” bundle of love! Leave us a comment below. 

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