Jabba’s Paddy Frog Sipper Debuts in Galaxy’s Edge!

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You weak-minded fool! You will soon learn to appreciate me. Now bring me Solo and the Wookiee. No, wait. Bring me paddy frogs instead…. Ok, so Jabba never said that last part, but we’re pretty sure that if his jar of frogs ran out, he’d order more immediately. If you’ve got a hankering to try this intergalactic treat, you’re in luck. Jabba’s light-up Paddy Frog Sipper is available on Batuu for thirsty travelers!

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Jabba’s Paddy Frog Sipper

At Walt Disney World Resort, head to the nearest spaceport in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get your claws on a new sipper. Available with a soft drink for $15.99, the Moof Juice (Docking Bay 7) or Tatooine Sunset (Ronto Roasters) for $17.49, the sipper comes with a carrying strap and a straw sealer in case you hit turbulence. Flip the switch on the underside for the blue crystal-like casing to glow brightly, illuminating the (fake plastic) paddy frog inside. Don’t worry – he doesn’t fit up the straw, so he’ll swim in your drink forevermore.

Here’s a post from Iggy Torres on Instagram (@iggysworldtv), showcasing the new sipper’s glow function inside. A slightly blurry picture of the frog is last in the photo carousel.

A post from Lisa Guidi on Instagram (@newenglandmermaid) relates a fun story of heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and into Batuu to gain access to a Jabba the Hutt Paddy Frog Sipper for her daughter! Not really knowing what she was picking up, Lisa loved the glow and fun shape!

Brandon (@nitroxair) didn’t originally want to add to his parks dishes collection, but after scoring one for a friend knew he had to have it, too.

A great look at the internal Paddy Frog comes from Jenmarie (@anakinandhisangel) in a second swipeable photo. You can clearly see the green frog with chocolate coloring on his face, green eyes, and plenty of tentacles. The “in-world” sipper is very very cool, and we can’t wait to add one to our collection.

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Will you be adding this Jabba-inspired New Hope drink to your arsenal? Leave us a comment below!

in Walt Disney World

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