GoFundMe Started for Disney Whistleblower Who Lost Everything

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This week a GoFundMe was started for Sandra Kuba, the former Disney accountant who blew the whistle on The Walt Disney Company.

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You may have heard this story from when the news broke last year: Disney’s Senior Accountant accused The Walt Disney Company of overstating revenue by more than a billion dollars. While the case is still ongoing, a GoFundMe has been started for Sandra Kuba, who has taken hard losses over the accusations against her former employer. She has faced these hardships since 2017, when she was terminated from the company. Earlier this year, her husband passed away due to suicide. The battle between Sandra Kuba and Ther Walt Disney Company continues.

A supporter started a GoFundMe page for Mrs. Kuba which is slowly starting to raise money for living expenses and legal fees. The description of the GoFundMe reads as follows:

Sandra Kuba, a former senior financial analyst at the Walt Disney Company is a whistleblower who discovered anomalies in Disney software equipment that allowed Disney to receive approximately three billion dollars in false revenue.  She blew the whistle internally at the company, clear to the top, but to no avail.  She contacted the SEC, and was subsequently fired in September of 2017.  The stress and strain of subsequent actions taken against Kuba after her termination, resulted in the suicide of her husband of thirty years, Robert Kuba who died on March 9, 2020.  Kuba is currently living with her son who is autistic, and continuing the battle against a corporate giant.    The funds will allow Kuba and her son to pay household expenses and legal fees.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Here is some context to the whistleblower situation from Insider.com in case you need to catch up. Sandra Kuba claimed that she noticed some coworkers in the Disney Parks and Resorts division were recording nonexistent revenue from free golf rounds and Guest promotions. Additionally, she alleged that gift cards were being grossly misused by employees. She that in the year 2009 alone, the revue could have been overstated by as much as $6 billion.

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In the filings, Kuba alleged employees in Disney’s parks and resorts division recorded non-existent revenue from free golf rounds and guest promotions. She claimed workers recognised the $500 face value of gift cards as revenue even when guests purchased them at a 20% discount.

They also double-counted revenue from gift cards by recording sales when guests bought them and when they used them, and recognized revenue from gift cards that were given to guests for free, she alleged.

Disney’s revenue could have been overstated by as much as $6 billion — about 20% — in 2009 alone, Kuba told Marketwatch. The parks and resorts division accounted for nearly 30% of total revenue that year, according to the group’s annual report. Flaws in the firm’s accounting software helped to hide the revenue manipulation, Kuba added.

Kuba reported the issues to management in 2013, brought them to the attention of a senior executive in 2016, and flagged them to the SEC in August 2017, she told Marketwatch. She was fired about a month later, and filed a whistleblower-retaliation complaint with the Department of Labor in October 2017.

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Disney has strongly denied the allegations brought against them by Sanda Kuba, giving the following statement to Marketwatch in 2019:

“The claims presented to us by this former employee — who was terminated for cause in 2017 — have been thoroughly reviewed by the company and found to be utterly without merit; in fact, in 2018 she withdrew the claim she had filed challenging her termination. We’re not going to dignify her unsubstantiated assertions with further comment.”

This is still an ongoing case, and we will continue to update you with new details as they are revealed.

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