Universal’s Velocicoaster Animatronics Are Here & Look Horrifying

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Universal Orlando Resort is gearing up to release their latest and most terrifying coaster yet, VelociCoaster, and the animatronics look even more real and horrifying than we imagined.

Summer 2021 is going to bring Universal Orlando Resort guests, specifically at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the most intense coaster the park has ever seen based on the Jurassic World IP. If you have been following Inside the Magic’s reporting of Universal’s VelociCoaster, you likely know that this coaster is moving fast and has already undergone full speed tests.

We recently saw 4 dinosaurs get airlifted into the coaster’s track, but we now can see many dinosaur animatronics are being constructed which is super excited. Lewis Lee (@Jurassic_korea) Tweeted:

Hold onto your butts! @cityneonholding and @AnimaxDesigns are making new Jurassic World attraction! @donttrythis visited the animax on October! Here, you can see the picture of T.rex, (probably)Carno, Raptor, Brachio, baby Para, baby Anky, baby Ptera, and name of Stiggy!

Seeing all of the baby raptors and intense animatronics means that although VelociCoaster is moving along, there is still so much more we do not know. In previous articles, we have discussed the two show buildings and what could go on inside. We do know Chris Pratt is set to make an appearance (my guess would be in hologram form in the pre-show) but with so many more animatronics being built there is more of a chance now than ever that portions of this attraction will be a spectacle.

Credit: Animax Designs

If we think about combining the launches, drops, spirals, extreme and jagged rock work, dinosaur sounds piped in on the ride vehicle, mixed with dinosaurs that can actually move — I am not sure if this is going to just be the most terrifying Halloween Horror Nights house yet or a terrifyingly brilliant coaster. Either way, the technological advancements that are going on here are pretty spectacular.

Credit: Animax Designs

We also can see that there will be a dinosaur egg incubator. To me, this screams queue decor as it is too detailed to look at on a fast-moving coaster. If it is part of the queue, we should gear up to experience a heavily detailed and immersive line before we ride the attraction, packed with storytelling. The eggs here could mimic the hatched eggs we have already seen on the rock work of the attraction, really following through with a solid and flowing singular narrative.

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Are you excited to see the VelociCoaster animatronics? 

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