Buena Vista Street Reopening: How Will Guests Enter the Park?

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dca's buena vista street reopening soon

Credit: Disney

We are just days away from Disney California Adventure’s reopening of their Buena Vista Street! On November 19th, Guests will get to step inside the theme park for limited retail and dining experiences!

This will be the first time Guests of the Disneyland Resort will get to step foot inside the park, aside from last month’s grand opening of the Backlot Premiere Shop. This retail location is located in DCA’s Stage 17 which is technically inside the park. However, Guests would enter through a side entrance as opposed to DCA’s front gates.

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Now, thanks to @thecalibae on Instagram, we have an update at what the queue for the Buena Vista Street reopening could potentially look like and where Guests will likely enter the park. And let me tell you, it looks like they are preparing for extremely long queues! Take a look.

There are already social distancing safety markers set in place and they seem to go pretty far back. It also seems as if the resort is utilizing its space that is typically used for their ticket sales area. This will create some sort of zig zag queue before Guests even reach the Esplanade or the DCA gates.

The same sort of queue system is in place for the Backlot Premiere Shop, except for that location, Disney is utilizing the queue area for the ticket booths on the other side of the Esplanade.

Based on the queue set up, it looks as though Guests may enter through a side gate in between the Disney California Adventure main entrance and La Brea Bakery Café in Downtown Disney.



potential queue for buena vista street reopening
Credit: thecalibae

Just beyond the gates, we can see in this Instagram post that DCA has already set up handwashing stations for Guests when they enter Buena Vista Street.

handwashing station installed at entrance of buena vista street
Credit: paulsthemeparkadventures

It’s also important to remember that there may be a possibility of a virtual queue for Guests, according to this statement made by the Disneyland Resort:

“We may at times use the mobile wait list system when Buena Vista Street and/or its queue are at capacity, similar to the process at some retail locations in the Downtown Disney District. Disney California Adventure Park is currently closed.”

When Buena Vista Street does open, we have a pretty clear idea of what will be offered when it comes to dining and shopping locations. And now we have an idea of where and about how long we’ll need to wait before entering. For more information and details, make sure you check out our complete guide on the Buena Vista Street Reopening in the link below.

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With the reopening only being days away, make sure you keep up with ITM as we will have all the updates for the Buena Vista Street Reopening!

buena vista street dca
Credit: Disney

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