Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction: Big Thunder Mountain

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Minnie Mouse Splush

Coming September 15th, Series 9 of The Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection is coming!  Minnie Mouse Big Thunder Mountain is rounding the corner and coasting past the goat into shopDisney stores online. The new collection features the traditional offerings of a Loungefly backpack, Minnie Mouse plush, a coffee mug, Minnie Mouse ears, and a pin set.

Minnie Mouse Big Thunder Mountain
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Minnie Mouse Big Thunder Mountain

@shopDisneyUK on Instagram had a great post up sharing not only the Dumbo collection shopping date, but also giving us a look at the Minnie Mouse Big Thunder Mountain collection, coming soon to online stores.

The caption for the second half of the post (scroll sideways to see the BTMR picture) says, “In September, Minnie’s taking the WILDEST ride in the WILDERNESS with the Big Thunder Mountain collection!? To ensure the safety of our Guests and Cast we will not be releasing any of the collection in stores until further notice.

The Big Thunder Mountain Collection straddles both coasts of US Disney Parks, with rugged detailing, mountainous silhouettes, and plenty of Frontierland details. Denim textures, clay hills, and golden touches make Minnie Mouse the gold rush item you’ve been looking for. Pricing will be as follows:

Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction Plush: $29.99

Minnie Pin Set: $19.99

Mug: $19.99

Minnie Ears Headband: $34.99

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Backpack: $90.00

You’ll soon be able to purchase the Dumbo collection here in the USA on August 18th, using the new MerchPass system. Much like with the Peter Pan collection, MerchPass shoppers will have a “first pick” of items, and we’re not sure when we plebians will have a stab at picking up our favorite Minnie Mouse items on shopDisney.

Future collections will be inspired by King Arthur Carousel, the Jungle Cruise, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the Haunted Mansion.  Stay tuned to shopDisney for more shopping opportunities.

Which of the Minnie Mouse items for the Series 9 Big Thunder Mountain are you going for? Leave us a comment below!

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