Jungle Cruise Wishables Are A-Head of the Rest

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Before we get too far aHEAD of ourselves, let’s take a peek at the new shopDisney Jungle Cruise Wishables collection. We’re not taking it for GRANITE! The newest additions to the tiny plush collection is a set of five collectible little lovies. It’s available on shopDisney starting on #WishablesWednesday, August 5th, 2020. We’ve been brushing up on our new jokes, and we’re sorry; we’re anchor-rigible… Sea what we did there?

Jungle Cruise Wishables

We’re certain the merchandise collection was designed by Dr. Albert Falls himself since the theme park attraction tribute contains Disney’s Jungle Cruise nods all over. There’s a Jungle Cruise Skipper, complete with microphone for the BEST puns of all time (we’re not LION about it, either), a saucy Adventureland tiger, a winking Jungle Cruise character ride boat, a trash the camp gorilla wearing a pith helmet, and lastly, a winking hippo that surely knows some answers to the skipper jokes.

On Instagram, @shopDisney shared another pose variation stuffie collection with the caption, “Sailing in tomorrow for a world-famous #WishablesWednesday! (backside of water not included) #JungleCruise #Plush”

jungle cruise wishables
Credit: shopDisney

The Exotic Jungle Cruise continues to be a focus of Disney theme park guest fascination, as the titular movie, coming out in 2021 is proving to have quite the interest. We’ve also seen guests clamor as this same movie star The Rock, who mentioned that the opening day attraction will indeed face reimagining follow the movie debut as he, himself, will be involved in it. A few months ago, 2020 continued to be squeezed to death by a boa constrictor as a Jungle Cruise attraction boat sank in the wild theme park river. While Jungle Cruise has had its fair share (if not more) of shake ups, we’re certain it’s armor is tougher than rhino skin.

wishables new collection
Credit: shopDisney


You can purchase the new Jungle Cruise Wishables collection online at ShopDisney.com or perhaps you may find a few blind bags inside the Orlando Disney Parks. You’ll never know what your adventure will bring. Now, if you’ve enjoyed this merchandise collection debut, it has been the Jungle Cruise Wishables. If you have not, this has been the new series of Lion King stuffies.

Thank you. Now, GET OUT. No, I mean it. Out. Out. Out. Don’t forget to clap for me. 

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