Magical Dapper Princess Disneybounds

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Dapper Day is one of our favorite days to visit Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, and we’re constantly brainstorming different Disneybounds to mash up in a vintage style. Dapper Day weekend is a fun time to step out in vintage style while you visit a Disney Park, but we also love to have Dapper Day at home! These Dapper Princess Disneybounds are the perfect inspiration for your next getup!

Dapper Princess Disneybounds

Instagram and TikTok user Jasmine Chiswell is a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe, and she uses her huge collection of vintage clothing to create Disneybounds and vintage looks for her social media. Originally from Scotland, Chiswell works as a director in LA, even living in the same home that Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio occupied!

Chiswell’s TikTok was replicated on Instagram and walks through several blond Disney Princess (it’s easy when you already have blond hair!) looks. Using mostly solid pieces, Chiswell creates fashion look after fashion look based on designs from the 1950s, wearing dresses, shoes, and shop-pieces from the era. For added fun, she even uses props to lend her style to each Disney character.


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Chiswell’s simple caption reads: “WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVOURITE? ?❤️” as the video rolls. Featured in this clip are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlotte LaBouff (not truly a Princess, but we love her style, anyway). The Cinderella character created by Chiswell is certainly elegant in a dusty blue cocktail dress complete with white gloves. Cinderella was made during this era, so it’s easy to see the influence of the times.

Cinderella Dapper princess Disneybounds
Credit: @JasmineChiswell on IG
Dapper Day Sleeping Beauty Disneybound
Credit: @JasmineChiswell on IG

Chiswell’s Sleeping Beauty makes it pink in this Dapper Princess Disneybound, holding an eyemask up to her face, and with a small curtsy, gives way to an Alice in Wonderland. Alice holds a snack and a cup, but there’s no mention of “Drink me!” A light blue 1950s pinup style romper serves as Alice’s blue garn with a white loose scarf tied around the waist.

Alice in wonderland dapper day disneybound
Credit: @JasmineChiswell on IG

Dapper Day Disneybounds are so much fun! And remember, there’s no need to go out and buy designer clothing. You might be able to shop related looks right in your own closet! Find classic items to build an outfit around, and you’ll soon find your Dapper Princess Disneybound was hiding in plain sight!

If you were going to create an outfit, what character would you be channeling? Leave us a comment below!

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