Disney DIY: Mickey Fireworks Family Shirts for Fourth of July

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Mickey Firework Shirts

Need a festive family option for the upcoming holiday weekend? Try whipping up these matching Mickey Fireworks Family Shirts today with only a few craft supplies. Gather Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister near for a fun pre-holiday Disney DIY session that is sure to create a few sparkles!

Mickey Fireworks Family Shirts for Fourth of July

You’ll want a plain white tee shirt for each member of your family (and even a white bandana for Pluto, if he wants to get in on the fun!) and a set of paint pens or puffy paint tubes. The latter will take longer to dry, but will have more of a popping, 3D effect.

Mickey Fireworks Family Shirts for Fourth of July
Credit: Disney Family

Disney Family gave us some tips to Star Spangle family shirts with personal flair like Mickey-shaped fireworks, stars, or glitter paint. Make the design your own! You’ll need about an hour of active time, and at least 12 hours for drying, if not more. Check your paint instructions for proper drying time.


  • White tee shirt
  • Cardboard or Newspaper for Inserts
  • Scissors
  • Box of Bendy Straws
  • Tape – any kind will do
  • Red, White and Blue Glitter Fabric Paint
  • Fabric Pen or Puffy Paints


  1. Tape a few straws together (about 4-5) just above the bend (on the short end) this will create a handle. Outwardly bend all the straws to create a spiked circle; the straws will be in an L shape. This is your firework stamp!
  2. Make another “stamp” and cut the straws short in order to create an ear sized circle.
  3. Insert cardboard or newspaper into each shirt to keep it from sticking.
  4. Pour paint onto a paper plate; one for each paint color
  5. Dip the stamps onto the plate and place onto the shirt to create one spiral of fireworks. Repeat with the other two colors. No more than three times per color.
  6. Create the ears in the same way, with all three colors of paint.
  7. Repeat with glitter paint, as desired.
  8. Use a paint pen to write the family names on each shirt.
  9. Allow shirts to dry before washing or wearing.
mickey fourth of july
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Do you incorporate Disney into your Fourth of July plans? Leave us a comment below about your holiday magic!

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