We Missed the Boat! Harveys Jungle Cruise Sells Out

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It’s a jungle out there! We were ready for the ride of a lifetime with the Jungle Cruise showcased in a new collection by Harveys. The Harveys Jungle Cruise three-bag release was a collaboration with artist Joey Chou and is full of iconic silhouettes, classic Adventureland animals, and vibrant poster-style art. Sadly, everything was completely sold out very soon after the 10 a.m. ET sale started.

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Credit: @shopharveys on IG

The Harveys Jungle Cruise Collection Sells Out

To go along with the below photo, Harveys shared a sneak-peek image with this quote:

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen the backside of water! Jk! All jokes aside here is the bag many of you guessed, The Jungle Cruise Poster Tote! Embark on an epic adventure and explore your wild side with this exclusive collection inspired by the Jungle Cruise Attraction at Disney Parks as reimagined by Artist Joey Chou. Don’t miss the boat, only available at ShopDisney.com on 7/24 at 7 am PDT.

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Credit: @shopharveys on IG

The Jungle Cruise Little Tote by Harveys was also teased on Instagram by the iconic bag company just a few days ago, leaving some shoppers surprised! A few had notice to prep their keyboards for the online-only sale, while others missed out completely. The little tote was selling for a pricey $178, and is made of a “seatbelt fabric” and sewn in strips. Chou’s artwork is printed on top, with a sweet boat charm as the zipper pull.

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The littlest bag is the Jungle Cruise Coin Purse by Harveys, which sold for $48.00 and was being followed by several IG shoppers. Many wanted to know about a restock for this tiny bag, and Harveys answered that shopDisney would be the one to make that decision. At this time, the purse listings are absent from the search bar.

small purse harveys

The Jungle Cruise Poster Tote retailed for $198 and was reportedly one of the first items to sell out at the 10 am shopDisney sale. The biggest plus was a fun charm of the famous rhino scene, including the explorers. Get the point?! Sadly, the eBay pirates are already out and about, with this larger of the Harveys Jungle Cruise bags now selling on the resale platform for over $580, which is about a 200% increase.

jungle cruise small purse
Credit: @shopharveys on IG

We’re hoping that shopDisney agrees with Harveys and does not only a restock of these three bags but a new collection of Adventureland merchandise. If you’re a big Jungle Cruise fan, you’ll want to see the news about the possible upcoming reimagining of Jungle Cruise (subtly announced previously by Dwyane Johnson as part of the film deal) as well as recall when a Walt Disney World Jungle Cruise ride boat had a mishap and sank in the shallow attraction river! T

here’s a long life ahead of the iconic opening day attraction if we have anything to say for it. Here’s to the goofiest cruise that ever set sail!

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