Suppose She’s a Wildflower? New Alice in Wonderland Loungefly Handbag Blooms

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Spring has sprung and we’re loving the welcoming sight of blooms popping through the ground. During a year that seems like the Jumanji jungle, flora and fauna provide a welcome momentary escape from the emotional saga that is 2020!

While we were enjoying the irises and begonias, we noticed that Loungefly’s Instagram channel had sprung blooms of its own! A new Alice in Wonderland Loungefly collection featuring Alice and her wildflower friends consists of an adorable handbag (with optional crossbody strap) and matching wallet. You can learn a lot from the flowers, after all!

loungefly alice handbag
Credit: Loungefly on IG

Alice in Wonderland Loungefly Collection

Disney fans that reside in Wonderland will revel in this fresh collection. Instead of a backpack, we’re treated to a sweet-smelling handbag with crossbody purse / adjustable strap option. Blooming as an all-over print, the Wonderland flowers are printed on the faux leather and feature matching black handles and alternative adjustable strap. If you look carefully, you’ll also see bronze feet on the purse, to keep it out of the flowerbed mulch. A top zipper also keeps those pesky rocking-horse flies from stealing your necessities!

Loungefly announces in their Instagram caption, “Do you suppose she is a wildflower? Take a peek at our Alice In Wonderland flower crossbody and wallet! Release date to be announced soon!” So while we don’t have a shopping date or a shipping time, we can still look forward to the Alice in Wonderland Loungefly purse and wallet combination heading to the Loungefly website.

alice in wonderland loungefly handbag
Credit: Loungefly on IG
Do you suppose she's a wildflower wallet by loungefly
Credit: Loungefly on IG

The flower-laden wallet features Alice herself speaking to the Rose conductor and trying to explain that she is, indeed, NOT a weed. The black Loungefly wallet, features a sweet pink zipper at the top, with the pull being a bread-and-butterfly! These small details matter to us Disney fans! The reversible Alice in Wonderland Loungefly wallet has a flower printed opposite side, matching the handbag. It will also fit nicely into the wonderland purse, and we’re eager to know when we can slip it into our shopping cart!

wildflower alice in wonderland loungefly wallet
Credit: Loungefly on IG

A new item from Loungefly always grabs our attention, and this Alice in Wonderland Loungefly really takes the bouquet! Maybe next we’ll see a matching Mini backpack or pin set that’s worth touring the garden. Either way, Disney Alice fans are sure to line up when this merchandise design debuts.

Do you think you’re a wildflower or a bread-and-butterfly? Perhaps a small bud! Leave us a comment about your love for this new collection!

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