A Silly Choir Teacher Successfully Slings the Acapella Spider-Man Theme

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acapella Spiderman theme

You’re going to enjoy HANGING OUT with Hankyol Koo, a self-professed “Just A Silly Choir Teacher” as he completely slays an Acapella Spider-Man Theme. Sung (and orchestrated) at home, Koo sings all the vocal parts, mouth-guitars all the instruments, and even throws in a few Spider-Man poses during the video. We didn’t want the 1:50 minute video to end!

Hankyol Koo Acapella Spider-Man Theme
Credit: Hankyol Koo via Facebook

Acapella Spider-Man Theme

For those that are big Spider-Man fans, watch the video a second time and see what you notice about the added animation and film sequences. As if the amazing singing wasn’t enough, Koo adds in clips of Spider-Man cartoons nearly in chronological order, moving from original cartoons and opening slides to live-action movies with the likes of Toby McGuire and Tom Holland.  Check out the incredible Acapella Spider-Man Theme by Hankyol Koo below!

It seems like the world has gone to hell and here I am, a grown man, singing dressed up as Spider-Man… hopefully, this video will lift some of your spirits. Cheers! #spiderman #acapella #justasillychoirteacher  – Koo’s caption on the Facebook Watch Video

More from Hankyol Koo

Even before the great success of the Spider-Man theme, Koo created a YouTube Channel, with plenty to watch. Along with his musical musings as “Just A Silly Choir Teacher,” you can find his very specific beard journey, and many more TV themes done in Acapella style. It’s worth a visit to peruse and entertain your ears.

hankyoo koo youtube header choir teacher
Credit: Koo’s YouTube Channel

Want more of the Acapella style? Of course, the Dapper Dans have you covered with Happy Birthday, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and Grim Grinning Ghosts. Maybe Koo will one day have a chance to sing with the Dans! We’d happily stand along Main Street, U.S.A., and listen!

What’s your favorite part of Koo’s Acapella Spider-Man theme? Leave us a comment below!

in Entertainment, Marvel, Movies, Music

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