Disneyland Paris Run Postponed, Details Show the Park May Reopen Soon

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Don’t lace up your sneakers just yet. , an announcement was placed today that the 5th Disneyland Paris Run will be postponed until the Fall of 2021, over a year from now.

With the global situation before us, reopening is on everyone’s minds, but just how and when to do it remains a bit unclear. While Shanghai Disneyland has been running with its new reservation system and Walt Disney World Resort looking promising next month, eyes have been cast to the other Parks. Embedded into runDisney France’s post, details about race cancellation and refunds hit at Disneyland Paris reopening. 

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Credit: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Run Postponed

Posted this morning on Twitter, the official Disneyland Paris’ runDisney chapter (@runDisneyFrance) officially moved the Disneyland Races to the following year. Originally racing from September 24-27th, there is no word on exactly when in 2021 the races will be held. There is also no option to forward your runDisney event registration to 2021. Only cancellations or run option refunds will be allowed.

Postponements and Cancellations for Disneyland Paris

Guests are directed from the Twitter announcement to the Disneyland Paris website, where more information awaits them.  It is important to note that in the cancellation and refund options, the wording Disneyland Paris uses.  “Guests can choose to either: maintain their package reservation without the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend features, whereupon the price of the Run Weekend features will be refunded…” This means that in September, the Resort fully expects to have guests vacationing in Europe’s Disneyland. You can read the entire notice from Disneyland Paris’ website below:

Guests can choose to either: maintain their package reservation without the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend features, whereupon the price the of the Run Weekend features will be refunded, or, cancel their package reservation, whereupon they will receive a full refund. Guests must fill out the electronic form with their choice before June 19th, otherwise, both the package reservation and Run Weekend features will be cancelled and refunded automatically.

We continue to make adjustments to our operations as appropriate and therefore, the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 5th Edition (September 24-27) will be postponed until fall 2021. We look forward to seeing you for this exciting event next year and will share more details soon.

Will Disneyland Paris Reopen Soon?

I suppose it depends on what your definition of “soon” is! As far as we “planners” go, looking into the future towards September is only a mere three months away and seems like a nice timeline to plan a vacation. But Disneyland Paris, just like any other Disney Theme Park, has the right to re-evaluate and push as needed. But it’s nice to think that while a very crowded run weekend could not be maintained at this time, a light, socially distanced visit to Disneyland Paris may still be possible in the early fall. After all, they can’t stop us from dreaming!

runDisney races are typically cherished by runners, as Disney fans get to meet a beloved Disney character, take home a finisher medal, and enjoy crossing the finish line all during the Paris run weekend. Each runner feels like a Disneyland Paris Princess or Prince when running the Disney Park race. 2021 will be here in no time, .

Were you planning to run at Disneyland Paris this year? Leave us a comment about your runDisney event or race-cation below!

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