Lift A Cup of Tea To The New Mad Hatter Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Mad Hatter BackPack (Right)

“MUSTARD!? Don’t let’s be silly! Lemon, that’s different, that’s yes! That should do it…”  – Mad Hatter

With a dash of lemon and plenty of jam, this Mad Hatter Loungefly Mini Backpack takes the tea cake! Spotted on Instagram on @GentlemansDisney, user Miguel Vargas has several photos of the upcoming release. Unlike previous teasers, these photos are not of Loungefly concept art, but of the real deal!  Check out all the details that are making us sing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!”

Mad Hatter Loungefly Mini Backpack Purse
Credit: IG @GentlemansDisney/ @truffleshufflecom

Mad Hatter Loungefly Mini Backpack

This Mad Hatter Loungefly release is the CUTEST thing! Styled much like the 2018 Cheshire Cat backpack that went to shopDisney, with the Wonderland character peeking over the top of the front pocket. The die cutout hair and hat, complete with 10/6 card really bring his joie de vivre forth and make us clink some Wonderland teacups.

As for the nitty-gritty sugarcube details, the mini backpack offers a soft heathered suede faux leather back (and tux front) with the padded straps we’ve come to know and love. The hardware for this Loungefly bag is a plain hammered metal zipper tab, with the colored and themed Loungefly Disney plate. There are two side pockets on the exterior of the backpack, helping us tote our goods back and forth from tea parties.

Mad Hatter Loungefly back
Credit: IG @GentlemansDisney/ @truffleshufflecom
heathered straps
Credit: IG @GentlemansDisney/ @truffleshufflecom

The interior for this Mad Hatter Loungefly bag is ADORABLE! Reminiscent of the Mad Tea Party at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park, the white material is dotted with large teacups in bright colors.  It’s easy to find your pocket watch in the belly of this cute bag! There is also a Loungefly Mini Backpack version of the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts if you’re looking to expand your Wonderland collection!

mad tea party interior alice in wonderland
Credit: IG @GentlemansDisney/ @truffleshufflecom

Loungefly’s Delays

Loungefly announced on their Instagram just this week that they are experiencing delays, much like the rest of us. They are working hard to answer all questions, process shipping of orders, and launch new products, but be aware they are operating at a much slower pace (and slower delivery time) than normal. That may be why we haven’t yet seen the Tres Caballeros Mini Backpack that was supposed to come out in May 2020. We’re still keeping our eyes peeled for a new window of merchandise! 

Though we might not see the Mad Hatter backpack hitting shelves tomorrow, he’s being produced, and we’re VERY happy to say that we’ll have a spot of tea while we wait. According to other concept art, there may be a March Hare wallet and Dormouse keychain that accompanies this collection (ooh will we see a pin, too?)… sit tight and move down until we hear about an estimated delivery date!


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