LUMOS! There’s A New Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Puzzle

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Harry Potter puzzle box

As you can imagine, this time at home has been HUGE for jigsaw puzzles of all kinds. From a 40,000 piece Disney puzzle that takes up your whole home, to free online puzzle options, there’s a ton for your brain to compute.

We’ve seen companies increase both puzzle production, as well as new puzzles, hit the market. Folks are trading them, selling them, and gathering with their family members to challenge each other in puzzle fun. A new Harry Potter puzzle has emerged from Hogwarts, and this one GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Harry Potter Hogwarts puzzle
Credit: Box Lunch

Harry Potter Puzzle that Glows in the Dark

It’s not a dark wizard you must fear. Just 550 pieces of glowing witchcraft pieces. Combine your spell and wizardry knowledge to construct the harry potter puzzle. When you’re done with the jigsaw, you’ll find an 18″ x 24″ picture of Hogwarts and the magical spells that surround it. If you really want an extra challenge, try the experience in the dark! You’re sure to love the glowing magic that appears before your eyes. From the Box Lunch website,

“Take yourself to Hogwarts at night with this puzzle of an artistic re-imagining of the most famous school from Harry Potter. With glow in the dark elements to the design, you can spend an afternoon putting it together and then turn the lights off at night and see the puzzle become even more magical.”

harry potter glow in the dark puzzle pieces
Credit: Box Lunch

Puzzle Availability

Available at Box Lunch, the glow puzzle is already a bit back-ordered, but not sold out! You can still add this puzzle product to your shopping cart because we can’t seem to find anywhere else! There is a slew of other Harry potter puzzle options like the classic movie poster image, or collectors editions of Diagon Alley!

harry potter jigsaw
Credit: Box Lunch

Let us know if you have a Potterhead puzzle that you love! We’re always looking for new challenges!

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