VIDEO – Disney World’s Festival of the Lion King Mega Mix: Quarantine Edition

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“Through despair and hope, ’til we find our place… on the path unwinding…” both the past and present casts of The Festival of the Lion King provide us a great gift of hope in these uncertain times. Posted on Facebook by Billy Brath, the “FOLK Family” as they call themselves issued a Quarantine Edition of the Finale Mega Mix, complete with dance routines, full vocals, and musical accompaniment.

Festival of the Lion King Quarantine Edition mega mix video
Credit: Folk Family and Billy Brath

The Festival of the Lion King Quarantine Edition Video

The video embodies the spirit of the stage show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, while cast members both current and retired don makeshift costumes, puppets, microphones, and headsets to combine talents in this homemade video. You’ll see the soaring birds swinging on swing sets at home, stilt walking giraffes on the porch, elephants made of vacuum hoses, and main characters wailing the best they can with limited technology. The end result is still very moving and gives us a glimmer of hope that we are all part of the Circle Of Life, and yes, we will get back to where we want to be.

From the Facebook page of Billy Brath, the video comes with a thank you to front line works (end screens) as well as a full bow session and waves as if you are sitting in the theatre in the round! Take a peek at the moving footage and musical collaboration.

Hakuna Matata from the FOLK Family – stay safe and remember, we are all in this circle of life together. #FolkFamily #HakunaMatata

(Performances from current and former cast members of the Festival of the Lion King show at Walt Disney World Disney’s Animal Kingdom.) 

There will be such a revival of crowds attending Festival of the Lion King when Disney’s Animal Kingdom reopens. As it mentions in the last frames of the video, “From the Heart of the Pridelands: Stay Safe and Hakuna Matata!” Thank you to the Health Care and Front Line workers helping to keep us safe. Stay home, stay safe.

folk family quarantine edition video
Credit: Folk Family and Billy Brath

Do you always stop by the FOLK pavilion for a stage show? Leave us a comment about your favorite part!

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