Raglan Road Offers Limited-Time Gift Cards That Benefit Both Patrons AND Staff!

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raglan road gift card offer

Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant at Disney Springs announced they were temporarily closing to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus spread on March 16, the day before the climax of it’s annual Mighty St. Patrick’s Festival. The event draws hundreds upon hundreds of patrons. 

Now, Raglan Road is offering a limited-time gift card that benefits both their out-of-work staff and the patrons who buy it. For $50, guests can receive a $75 gift card, with all proceeds benefiting the Cast Members who work at the Orlando establishment. The restaurant is famous for its Irish dancers and exceptional music!

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Credit: Disney

Raglan Road’s general manager, Alan Delahunt, stated: “Many of our staff who make your visits to the pub memorable have been affected economically by this pandemic, so we’ve set up a special edition Raglan Road gift card with 100 percent of the proceeds going to support our employees in this challenging time.”

Delahunt also said, “In the meantime, we have had a tremendous amount of support from all of you, our guests, and we thank you for your lovely messages. We hope to be back with you very soon.” 

This is an extremely kind gesture on the part of the Raglan Road managerial team. As per the Disney Springs Irish pub’s website, there are several types of gift cards that can be purchased. 

raglan road gift card
Credit: RaglanRoad.com

Patrons who wish to purchase physical gift cards can have them shipped to the recipient’s home address (their own or someone else’s). E-gift cards (which are sent to an email address) and text/mobile gift cards (which are sent via SMS messaging) are also available.

Raglan Road is the first Disney Springs location to announce an offer like this. As the temporary Disney Parks shopping district closures continue, however, stay tuned to Inside the Magic to see if other restaurants launch similar offers.

Will you be purchasing a Raglan Road gift card to use when Disney World Resort reopens to the public? We think a free $25 and helping Raglan Road’s Cast Members is a hard deal to pass up!

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