Earn More Miles for Your Next Disney Vacation with Google Chrome Plug-Ins!

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Tip to earn miles on your next Disney vacation

What if we told you you could get closer and closer to your next Disney Vacation by spending money right now on more of the Disney stuff you are dying to buy online, no credit card required?

Yes, there is a way thanks to this little not-so-secret travel hack made possible by some of your favorite airlines. It is essentially a shopping button that allows you to collect miles or points through online shopping. And you do not even need one of those fancy credit cards.

Here’s How It Works

When you go to order some new Disney gear–be it a new Loungefly Backpack or a Baby Yoda doll–Google will notify the buttons that you are on the site and they will notify you of the available offer. In most cases, they will offer $0.50/mile – $2/mile, but in other cases, the airlines offer you a flat rate. They will also offer you special discounts you can take advantage of.

Earn more miles when you shop at shopDisney

For example, if you wanted to go onto shopDisney right now and buy anything between a birthday gift for your nephew and your latest “I don’t need this gas money anymore” impulse buy, you can earn $1/mile on you American Airlines AAdvantage® mileage account. Plus, free shipping on the new Kate Spade collection and a Spring Toy Sale special offer.

Earn miles on your Disney+ subscription

If you decided to finally cave and get your own subscription to Disney+, you can earn 1,250 miles when you make your subscription. And don’t worry, you keep the miles even if you cancel the subscription.

If you already have a Disney or travel credit card, don’t worry. These are just some extra miles and points to pile on those points you’re already earning. Which means you earn that flight to Disneyland or Disney World that much faster.

How do I install it onto my Chrome?

The installation of the travel buttons is actually quite simple. In fact, the hardest part is remembering your login and password for your mileage account.

SkyMiles landing page

Your journey can begin here by clicking any of the hyperlinks to the following airlines:

*SkyMiles® Shopping

When you’ve selected your airline click “Get the Button” and you will be then taken to the Google Chrome Web Store where you can add the button to Chrome absolutely free.

Google Web Store

Please be aware that while each airline offers similar deals, they are all different and some offers will be better than others. For example, while American Airlines will give you 1,250 miles for a Disney+ subscription, Southwest will only give you 550 points. Still, it is something extra that can go to your next Disney vacation.

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Have any of you already discovered this travel hack? How has it worked for you so far? What advice would you give someone looking to add the mileage plug-in to their browser? Let us know in the comments!

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