Annual Passholder Fees Refunded and Waived During Disney Parks Closure

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Annual Passholder Fees Waived

The Disney Parks, including Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort, are taking new, updated stances on Annual Passholder fees and monthly payments. New verbiage, now available on the official parks websites, states that monthly payments may be either postponed or refunded, and certain Passport types will have expiration dates extended once the Parks reopen. It will be important to identify which Annual Passholder type you have and to read the fine print associated with that Passport.

Disney will soon supply information on how to take your chosen option and move forward with refunds, fees, etc.

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Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder Fees and Extensions

Official Statements on the Disneyland website can be found under the Annual Passport section. Disneyland Annual Passholders who have an Annual Pass that has been paid in full will have their Passport expirations dates extended due to the closures at the end of the term.

The new expirations dates will be reflected on the accounts PRIOR to the reopening of the theme parks. This is great news and could give us a peek into when they might reopen the gates to let us snack on some churros!

If you are on the Monthly Payment Plan, Disney will automatically cease payments while the theme parks are closed. Not only will you be able to stop payments, but Disney will also retroactively REFUND payments made between March 14th and April 4th. Your money will come back to you! But, payments will inevitably continue when the Parks reopen. Expiration dates WILL NOT be extended in this case, since payments are not being made.  As an alternative, you can postpone payments until the Parks open and have your expiration date extended. Make sure you read the fine print associated with your Passport type. Information will SOON BE AVAILABLE on how to choose your option. 

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Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholder Fees and Extensions

Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholders will be extended for the number of days the Parks are closed, as previously announced with a paid-in-full pass. The new expiration date will be reflected on the account PRIOR to the reopening of the theme parks. The official Walt Disney World Resort statement goes on to announce that alternatively, you may request a refund for the closure period in lieu of the extension.

If you are on the Walt Disney World Resort Monthly Payment Plan, you will see stopping and waiving of all upcoming monthly payments while the Parks are closed. Retroactive refunds for payments made between March 14 and April 4, 2020, will be made and payments will resume when the Parks reopen. Pass expiration dates will not be extended in this case. Postponement options are available, just like Disneyland Resort, so read the official statement for more clarity. Information will SOON BE AVAILABLE on how to choose your option. 

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Contact the Annual Passholder Support Line

If you are an Annual Passholder, please contact your appropriate theme park Annual Passholder Support Line if you need help , have more questions or need more information. Walt Disney World Resort guests can call support at (407) 939-7277 with any questions, though please anticipate high call volume.

If you are a Disneyland Annual Passport user, please call support at (714) 781-7277. once again, call volume will be high, so please have patience with our awesome Cast Members as they help to guide us back to a sense of normalcy.

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