STUNNING Limited Edition Disney Princess Water Bottle Collection From Tervis!

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Credit: Tervis

Tervis tumblers are known for their quality and durability. The company is also committed to winning the fight against single-use plastic bottles, making any of their products a great purchase. Tervis frequently offers Disney water bottles in both BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. 

Now, they’ve released a truly stunning new line of 17-ounce slim stainless steel water bottles featuring four of the Disney Princesses. These new additions to the Tervis tumbler family will make staying hydrated a truly enjoyable experience!

ariel tervis
Credit: Tervis

The Ariel water bottle features the redhead mermaid’s profile with an overlaid line drawing of Flounder, her guppy companion. The ocean blue background has a Flounder and flower motif with the motto, “Don’t Be Such a Guppy.” You’ll be inspired to drink your 8 glasses a day with this gorgeous Tervis product!


belle tervis
Credit: Tervis

The stainless steel collection’s Belle water bottle features the brunette beauty with a line drawing of Lumiere on her shoulder. The yellow background, clearly inspired by the iconic Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene, has a rose pattern and the phrase, “The Book Was Better.”

aurora tervis
Credit: Tervis

The stainless Aurora water bottle showcases some of Sleeping Beauty’s woodland friends and the cheeky phrase, “I Woke Up Like This.” The petal pink background has a floral motif, reminiscent of the woods where Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather raised Briar Rose.


mulan tervis
Credit: Tervis

The Mulan water bottle rounds out this Disney Princess Tervis collection. It has a fiery red background with a cherry blossom motif and the phrase “Rule Breaker,” perfect for the bold female warrior! The water bottle features a line drawing of Mushu over Mulan’s image.

We can’t pick just one of these gorgeous Princess Tervises! We love them all. Be sure to snag yours for just $24.99 before this limited edition collection is gone for good.

Which stainless steel Princess Tervis is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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