You Can Now Make DIY Disney Ears In Your Own Home

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If you are stuck at home due to the unfortunate circumstances and are still adjusting to social distancing efforts and working adjustments, we may have a solution — Especially for those of you who have had to postpone Walt Disney World vacations due to the spread (myself included).

We understand that it can be a very discouraging time — lacking the extra bit of magic that we were needing and looking forward to. I know I was certainly excited to get a big hug from Mickey!

A fun at-home craft

So if you’re looking for a craft to do that will help you pass the time and make the most of your days indoors, look no further, today we’re making DIY Disney ears!

I am going to walk you through how to make your very own pair of Mickey Mouse (or Minnie Mouse) ears, step-by-step. This way you have something to look forward to wearing when you’re finally able to take that magical trip! This activity is great for both adults or kids. 


Some of the supplies you’ll need in order to make these are:

  • A headband (the thicker ones are easier to hold the ears up and don’t slide as much)
  • Fabric of your choice
  • A needle and thread (close to the color of your fabric or white)
  • Hot glue
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and paper
  • A bow if you want to make Minnie ears instead of Mickey ears

All of these supplies can easily be ordered off of! 

How to make the ears

This will be a tutorial for making very basic Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears. Be sure to use your imagination (And some extra accessories/craft supplies) to create custom ears with your own personal flair!

  1. To start, draw a circle on your piece of paper roughly three to five inches wide, with a ½ inch tab at the bottom (you can trace a round household object — like a small bowl or cup — to make it easier). The shape you have drawn should resemble a circle sitting on top of a small rectangle. The rectangle tab is the part that will be holding the glued ears onto the headband, without them losing their shape. 
  2. Cut out the template you’ve drawn. Trace it onto the back side of the fabric (not the side with the pattern) four times and cut out all four pieces. 
  3. Take two of the pieces and line them up with each other (patterns facing each other and the blank side of the fabric facing out) and sew around the edges of the fabric, leaving the rectangular tab unsewn at the bottom. 
  4. Once you have finished sewing around the ear, stick your finger in the bottom of the un-sewn tab and flip the ear inside out, so that the patterned side of the fabric is facing out. 
  5. You can now stuff the ear with stuffing and sew the bottom tab closed once it’s full. Repeat this process for the second ear. 
  6. When both ears are sewn and stuffed, set them to the side. 
  7. Heat up your hot glue gun and carefully use it to put a thin line of glue on the headband where you want the ears to fall and one at a time, gently hold the ears onto the headband until the glue sets. 
  8. Once both ears are on, you can glue a bow into the center of the headband to make them Minnie Mouse, and you can get creative with them by adding unique features such as glitter, flowers, felt, rhinestones, ribbons and more!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how creative people get with making their own ears! It can be fun to make each pair unique and tailor them to specific outfits, characters or your own personal style

Will you be making ears while you’re stuck at home? Let us know what character will inspire your DIY Mickey or Minnie ears in the comments!

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