Website Lets Would-Be Disney Princes or Princesses Become Real Lords or Ladies

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It’s Day 1 of the complete Disney closure due to the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, and we’re already crushed. But I found a fun way to pass the time and wanted to send out a little PSA that just because you won’t have cast members calling you a prince or princess any more doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fancy title. How about “Lord” or “Lady”?

Lady Tremaine, Disney Villains After Hours
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Yes, you can actually become an actual Scottish Lord or Lady and you don’t even have to break your self-isolation. No, I’m not kidding. A startup called found a loophole in Scottish law that makes lordships and ladyships accessible to anyone. Basically, if you own a plot of land big enough for you to stand in, you are the Lord or Lady of that land. This was all confirmed by a Scottish Cast Member at Walt Disney World.

According to the website:

“Our Title Packs are based on a historic Scottish land ownership custom, where landowners have been long referred to as “Lairds”, the Scottish term for “Lord”, with the female equivalent being “Lady”.

Each Lord/ Lady Title Pack includes:

  • A dedicated plot of land measuring 1 square foot or 5 square feet.
  • A personalized title certificate with your name or the name of the title holder.
  • A unique plot number that will be assigned to the title holder.
  • Your digital certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

There is no tax on land in Scotland. 

Ladyship Proclamation,

Here in the United States, we have Landlords and Landladies, but we’re too foolish enough to actually make it a big enough deal to call each other lord and lady. This way, you can actually have a title and feel aristocratic and stuff. You can also gift it to a friend.

Your age or nationality does not matter, and you can use your title of Lord or Lady on your documents from now on. Yes, this is legit. Go straight to their FAQs page if you don’t believe me.

Lordship Package,

First, decide if you want to give yourself or your friend a Lordship Package or a Ladyship Package. Then choose the size of the land. 1 sq./ft plot costs $49.95 USD and 5 sq./ft costs $209.95 USD. The prices are the same for both Lord and Lady packages. Once you decide on the plot size fill in your name or the name of your friend. Make sure it’s the correct spelling! You can then decide on a purely digital proclamation or if you want to add a properly printed certificate for another $30 USD.

Official Lordship/Ladyship Proclamation, established

While I doubt most of us will be taking a trip to Scottland anytime soon, this is still a fun way to keep our spirits up and boost our self-esteem. Besides, how cool will you feel seeing your friends after all this and saying “What did you do during the plague? I became a Lord.”

Click here to see for yourself and become a Lord or Lady today!

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