Spread some Baby Yoda love with these free printable Disney Valentines!

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Free Disney Printable Valentines

Free Disney Printable Valentines! Credit: Fun.com

Newsflash: Valentine’s Day is tomorrow people. Seriously. Have you run out of Valentine’s Day ideas yet? Tired of the Valentine’s Day cards at the store? If your kiddo needs a cute card to go with their favorite candy then we’ve got you covered: Fun.com has adorable, free printable Disney Valentines!

These Disney printable DIY Valentines could also be printed in grayscale for coloring pages (anyone else helping out at their kid’s classroom parties?) or as fun Valentine’s Day decorations! Print a few of these on regular paper for a quick Valentine activity with some of your favorite Disney characters.

Free Printable Disney Valentines

From a Disney princess (or two) to superheroes and villains, even some trash (er, a spork), there’s a free Valentine’s Day card for everyone. Is love in the cards for you this week? Maybe these free Valentine cards will help you bring some extra Disney love this Valentine’s Day.

This is the way…for a happy Valentine’s Day

Ok, this one might actually be better for adults than kids! If you know a fan of The Mandalorian, and the adorable Child known as Baby Yoda, this is the card for them. I have spoken.

Baby Yoda Soup Valentine
Baby Yoda is sipping his soup and quietly observing your awesomeness on this free printable Valentine. Credit: Fun.com

There’s also a darling card featuring the latest Star Wars trio, Finn, Rey, and Poe. May the Force be with you on Valentine’s Day!

Star Wars free disney printable valentine
Friendship and love across the galaxy! Credit: Fun.com

When you’re Marvel-ing at their love

Marvel fans, rejoice! Loki is here to express his love for you this Valentine’s Day:

Loki Valentine Card
Loki is keeping his cool, as always, on his free printable Valentine. Credit: Fun.com

Always mischievous, Loki is adorably charming in this cute Valentine’s Day. There’s a stickier option, for those who favor your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Spiderman Valentine Card
Our spidey senses say it’s love! Credit: Fun.com

Finally, there’s an adorable free printable Thanos card (yes, in this case he is adorable) because if a sparkly, impressive piece of jewelry doesn’t say “Valentine’s Day” then what does?

Thanos Valentine
Who doesn’t want some bling for Valentine’s Day? Credit: Fun.com

True love will thaw a Frozen heart

With Frozen II releasing on Digital this week, there’s a renewed blast of all things Arendelle. Elsa and Anna are here to remind you that no guy is as important as your sister!

Anna Elsa Valentine
Holding on tight to you, Valentine! Credit: Fun.com

Olaf is here, ready to offer a warm hug!

Olaf free disney printable valentine
Who doesn’t want a warm hug for Valentine’s Day? Credit: Fun.com

Kristoff and Sven are also featured on these Disney printable Valentine’s Day cards. After all, Kristoff may well be the most romantic Disney guy out there! His love isn’t fragile, you know.

Kristoff Sven Valentine
He may be lost in the woods, but the song was totally worth it. How adorable is this free printable Valentine? Credit: Fun.com

No trashy Valentine’s Day cards here, we’re all about honor

Trash? No! Forky is here to love you just as you are this Valentine’s Day.

Forky Toy Story Valentine
Forky is all yours, even if he’s having a bit of an identity crisis on this free printable Valentine’s Day card. Credit: Fun.com

Forky only has confused googly eyes for you, Valentine! We love the adorable shrug featured on Forky’s free printable Valentine. He might not understand much, but he’s a good friend any day!

Mulan also has a movie coming out shortly, so this Disney princess and the lovable Mushu are also getting in on the Valentine’s Day card love.

Mulan free Disney valentine printable
Bravery and love for Valentine’s Day! Credit: Fun.com

Click here to print these free Disney printable Valentine cards. We hope they bring some extra love to your Valentine’s Day!

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