Poll: Who is the Most Romantic Disney Guy? (Hint: It’s Kristoff)

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The day of love is just around the corner, which has the team at Inside the Magic pondering the all-important question of who is the most romantic Disney guy? Yes, we know, some people think Disney movies give you an unrealistic vision of true love. But the storytelling has evolved a lot over the years, so we’ve got more than just Charming to choose from. And we don’t believe in limiting ourselves, so it’s not just princes that we’re voting on here.

Tiana and Naveen
Is Prince Naveen your pick for the most romantic Disney guys? Credit: Disney

Because practical or not, we have an opinion on these things. We know you probably have one too, and we are here for it!

One should remember that it is what is on the inside that counts. Let’s face it, all the outsides are pretty good already! Because it’s not enough to just be a Disney prince. We’re considering heroics, words, acts of true love, gifting of books, and preservation of great footwear. Floating lanterns, self-sacrifice, and beachfront palaces are all fair in the game of romance!

Tell us, which prince (or not) is your favorite romantic Disney guy and true love?

Most Romantic Guy Poll

Our team’s conclusion? Surprisingly, we had a lot of agreement. For us, Kristoff wins by a landslide due to a good heart, cool head, and solid one-liners like “I’m here, what do you need?” and “My love isn’t fragile.” Not to mention the fact that he has a musical number that was totally worth waiting 1.5 movies for. However, we’re also big supporters of Prince Naveen and good ol’ Eugene Fitzherbert.

No matter who your favorite is, we hope your Valentine’s Day is full of romance and a good smolder!

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Disagree with the poll results? Fight for your Disney love in the comments and tell us why they’re the clear winner in the romance department.

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