MORE Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Now Available in Local Grocery Stores!

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Mickey Mouse Ice Cream

Credit: IG via: @disneylifestylers

Reports are coming through on Social Media that there are two new kinds of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream now available in your neighborhood supermarket: Chocolate and Vanilla Party Cups and tubs of Classic Vanilla and Fudge.

The party cups come in packages of ten. Five vanilla and five chocolate. Now, you could use them for birthday parties as the box suggests, or you can take advantage of their perfectly-sized proportions and control your cravings. And, of course, the iconic duo of chocolate and vanilla is paired with the equally iconic duo of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. For those who like a combination flavor and don’t like to be inhibited by portion control, you can choose the tub of Classic Vanilla and Fudge. Look closely and you will see the pieces of fudge are carved in the shape of Mickey’s head.

The party pack and ice cream tubs are only the two latest variations of Mickey Mouse Ice Creams Disniacs can find in stores. Last month, Inside the Magic discovered two other Mickey Mouse Ice Cream varieties in stores across the country. Classic Favorites from the Disney Parks: The Original Mickey Bar with vanilla ice cream and chocolate shell, and the cookies ‘n cream flavored Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich. Click below to read our original coverage of each treat:

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Millenium Falcon Ice Cream
Credit: Hy-Vee

Beyond classic Disney, ice cream inspired by the Star Wars franchise also hit grocery store shelves in the form of ice cream sandwiches shaped like the Millennium Falcon. You can read our original coverage of that story as well by clicking the link below:

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The Mickey Mouse Ice Creams are official Disney desserts, and they are a great way to bring a little magic of the parks back home.

Have you tried the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream sold in grocery stores? What did you think? Do you think the Mickey Bars and the Ice Cream Sandwiches taste as good as they do in the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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