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Disney has been teasing a “Secret Walt Disney Company Project” for weeks, and today it was finally revealed. We have to admit the announcement was very anticlimactic, but don’t worry. D23 Expo is all about secret announcements and there is no doubt that we will have a lot of additional great things to come.

So drum roll please…..the secret announcement is a new book called “One Day at Disney,” and a documentary series of the same name which will air on Disney+ on December 3. The book will be available for pre-order at the D23 Expo over the weekend and has photographs of Disney employees and stories of their work and contributions to The Walt Disney Company. Everyone who preorders over D23 Expo weekend will receive a commemorative pin.

From Shanghai Disneyland and ESPN to Pixar and even the set of ABC’s Modern Family, these dazzling photographs—and the memorable stories behind them—will be featured in the hardbound, collectible book, written by Bruce Steele. Following the debut of the special, more than 50 One Day at Disney shorts—ranging in length between 4 to 7 minutes and each profiling a single remarkable person and his or her fascinating job—will debut each week.



“One Day at Disney” is a 224-page coffee table book and it will arrive along with the documentary on December 3rd. Robin Roberts who was onhand for the announcement shared:

One thing that remains the smae day in and day out though everything changes is our desire to be as innovate and creative as we can be.

While Disney’s secret announcement may have you wanting more, hopefully Inside the Magic’s tease of a secret announcement won’t.

A few hours ago, we shared the tweet below. If the hint isn’t enough, the painting we’re showing you is exactly what the prize will look like. Stay tuned tomorrow on our giveaway page before the start of the D23 Expo after we’ve put the finishing touches on our sweepstakes and make this official. In the meantime, you can enter to win our Walt Disney World trip sweepstakes.

After this announcement it’s fair to ask, why are we so surprised that the announcement wasn’t more? Disney first shared that the company would be announcing a “Secret Walt Disney Company Project” for almost a month now. It was first hinted at on the official schedule for D23 Expo weekend, as Disney says that there will be a presentation about the project on Saturday, August 24 at the Expo.

But the company also said that the news would be revealed two days before the presentation, so as true Disney fans we knew (or thought) we had to share it with our Inside the Magic audience!

We’ll find more about the secret project now that it’s out in the open at D23 Expo this Saturday, so stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more updates about the project and the rest of the exciting announcements from expo weekend.

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