VANS Harry Potter line conjures spellbinding sneaker sorcery

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Harry Potter VANS

Super sneaker seller VANS apparated the new line of Harry Potter sneakers this week. Images of a brand-new line of shoe-based sorcery selection sent Wizarding World fans into must-have mode today.

Corresponding colors and mascots represent all four Hogwarts houses. Additional spellbinding sneaker magic materialized, inspired by elements from the Harry Potter adventures.

Harry Potter VANS

UPDATE (6/7/19):

It’s OFFICIAL!! Harry Potter Merchandise materialized on the VANS website today. There are many more styles of spellbinding shoes to choose from on the site.  In addition, the cauldron has been stocked with hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and backpacks inspired by the Wizarding World.

Even more magic manifests with button down Potter powered jackets, shirts and socks.

Popular causal shoe manufacturer VANS is hoping they can make magic with the emergence of Harry Potter themed sneakers. Perhaps, thanks to the success of their line of Disney themed shoes, the company unveiled a new pop-culture inspired line of featured foot ware. Harry Potter powered designs, including house colors, snitch sneakers, Marauder’s map and “Daily Prophet” inspired products.

Harry Potter VANS

“Vans and Harry Potter collaborated to conjure up a magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and Muggles alike.” –VANS

SK8-Hi shoes join Slip-on and Vans Era designs for a host of Harry Potter possibilities. House Ravenclaw gets a familiar checkered pattern in blue and white while Slytherin students should see their sneakers snakeskin style!

Harry Potter Ravenclaw VANS
Harry Potter Slytherin VANS

Wizarding World newspaper, “Daily Prophet,” plays with printed stories for a newsworthy selection:

Harry Potter Daily Prophet VANS

With gold trim and gold wings, the black Snitch sneaker is a must-have for Quidditch fans. The coveted golden, game-winning globe rests top center on each shoe.

Harry Potter Quidditch VANS

Making it easier to solemnly swear being up to no good, a Maurader’s Map makes this the perfect SNEAKer for after-hours exploration of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Maurader's Map VANS

Finally, magical elements, logos, and familiar phrases adorning the sides of this black and white pair of perfect Potter shoes.

Harry Potter VANS

VANS has yet to announce when this magical line of Wizarding World wonders will be released but did offer fans the opportunity to sign up for email updates on their website. Even if not subscribing to email information, the site is worth a visit for its psychedelic representations of each Hogwarts House.



Does the arrival of VANS’ Harry Potter shoes excite the witch or wizard in you? Which style casts its “Must Have” spell upon you?

Source and images: HotNewHipHop, VANS

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