Introducing Inside The Magic’s Staycation Club! Our New Youtube Line Up!

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Inside the Magic Staycation Club

Get ready for the next phase for Inside The Magic’s YouTube channel! An exciting new adventure filled with your favorite YouTube theme park personalities bringing you fresh, funny and interesting content!

For many of us, Inside The Magic was the first theme park podcast we listened to, or the first theme park Youtube channel we subscribed to. They have been a staple of our theme park life for as long as the internet has been a place for social media communities. It was for me, and it helped lead me down the path to becoming the creator I am.

Which is why it’s so exciting to now be given the opportunity to help create fun new content for the theme park fans in new and unique ways. Starting today, Kevin Perjurer from Defunctland and Disney Dan (me) have taken over the Inside The Magic channel to bring you a fun new line up of content we are calling: Staycation Club.

Our new content is for the theme park fan that feels most at home in the park. A collection of fun series, sketch comedy, podcasts, and more to keep you busy and held over as you wait for your next trip to the parks.

The new line up will include our comedy series called “Laugh Pass” which we already teased with our April Fools Day Joke, “Club Game Night” which breaks out a variety of Disney board games from vintage Disneyland exclusives to custom made games made by the community, plus a series of gorgeous 4k park loops, a new role-playing inspired radio drama, new podcasts, and more!

This is only the beginning, with lots of new content coming soon featuring many of your favorite members of the Theme Park Youtube Community!

If you haven’t subscribed to the Inside the Magic YouTube channel yet click here and be sure to click the notification bell so you don’t miss our next video release. You can still watch the latest news videos on Inside the Magic’s new YouTube channel – Inside The Magic NOW.  And of course, be sure to follow Defunctland and Disney Dan on YouTube – we are still creating the content you know and love on our own channels PLUS exciting new content for Inside the Magic.

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