Splash Mountain Wheelchair Costume Is Ultimate Disney Park Cosplay!

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Mickey Mouse and Disney Guests in a Splash Mountain Wheelchair Costume

The amazing people at Walkin’ & Rollin Costumes have a pretty great opening line on their website: “Every child deserves a cool costume.” …and they’re right. The team behind the nonprofit costume shop work tirelessly to help create some truly unique and incredible creations for kids who would otherwise have very limited options due to mobility. Their latest wheelchair costume caught our attention and we are in love!

Splash Mountain Wheelchair Cosplay

This past weekend, the latest Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costume hit the show floor at Planet Comicon and it made a huge splash. Literally. Reese, the son of the Lon Davis, owner of Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes sported a truly epic Splash Mountain Log Flume costume!

When we asked Lon about the costume he gave us the low down behind the magic of this Log Wheel Chair:

Things that you probably didn’t notice in the photos, it had blue lights around the water, it played the entire 12 minute 30 second soundtrack to the Splash Mountain ride featuring all 4 songs and all the dialog from the ride, and even featured a 3D printed Brer’ Rabbit in the front of the log.

Splash Mountain wheelchair costume material

And for con guests who wanted to snap a picture with him, there was only one rule, get in the log and throw your hands in the air like you were taking an on-ride photo. And the results are pretty fantastic!

The team has made dozens of costumes, all for free, for kids with special needs. They range from magical carriages, to that big red button that Baby Groot should definitely not touch. Check out some of their awesome costumes below:

You can learn more about Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costume Shop by visiting them here. They are a non profit organization that strives to provide free wheel chair costumes for every kid they can. If you like what you see you can support them by donating!

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