Useful Smartphone Accessories for a day in the theme parks

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A cell phone with earphones on a charger

The smartphone has taken over so much of what was once handled by several different devices. From photography to navigation this modern gadget is a convenient tool for visiting the theme parks.

Making the most of this magical manifestation is further enhanced by adding a few accessories. From battery life extenders to protective cases, Inside the Magic assembled a few suggestions . . .

Phone front and back
Skinit Minnie Mouse LifeProof Phone Case ($14.99 on Amazon)


The case for covers

Either to show support for a favorite character or adding an extra layer of shock protection, smartphone cases come in almost infinite styles and shapes.

Safety first – Today’s smartphone is anything but inexpensive. Protecting that investment, especially when frolicking about a favorite theme park could save the device from disaster and add a couple of extra conveniences. Available for a wide variety of brands and color combinations Otter Box and Lifeproof stand out as offering great protection from drops, dust and more.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Cell Phone Case for iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 - Buzz & Woody
Buzz & Woody OtterBox Phone Case ($30.94 from Amazon)


Level Up – Taking photos, perusing park maps and wait times all day long can eventually drain the battery. Carrying extra power provides juice for extended hours enjoying rides, shows, and munchies all day, and night, long. Companies like Mophie and PowerBear allow all-day power and fit many of the popular smartphone brands available today.

4 black smartphones

Extra external enhancements

Smartphone cases are all but a must-have for today’s devices, the following external attachments add extra versatility.

Found focus

External lenses can add depth and zoom capabilities for capturing the days adventure.

5 in 1 kit – This first lens kit includes a 12x optical zoom lens, 180-degree fisheye lens, “super wide angle” lens, 15x macro lens, and clip adapter.  The adaptor allows for both landscape and portrait style shots and works on most smartphones.

Phone zoom lense
$25.99 on Amazon

9 in 1 kit – for even more versatility, try this cool collection of lenses. Kit includes fisheye, wide angle, telephoto, macro and special effect (starburst, kaleidoscope) lenses along with adaptor clip and carrying case.

Phone photography accessories and lenses

$23.99 from Amazon

Gosky Monocular – This unique accessory uses an entire phone holder to place the lens up to the smartphone.  With a wide range (12 x 50) of zoom options (variable), the Gosky is perfect for photography, videography or sightseeing.  It adapts to most smartphones and is water, dust and shockproof.

Black smartphone accessories

$58.99 on Amazon

Stable relationship

While many theme parks and/or attractions won’t allow a selfie stick, a small tripod can assist with self-portraits and low light pictures.

UBeesize – This tiny tripod features octopus style legs, a wireless remote and universal smartphone clip

iPhone stand and mount

$13.98 from Amazon

Acuvar – Acuvar also includes a remote shutter button. This 50” tripod sports rigid aluminum legs, smartphone holder and even provides a level indicator.

iPhone stand and mount

$15.95 via Amazon

Vastar – For those who already have a tripod or similar device, this adapter is all that is needed to get started using with a smartphone.

Stable relationship Vastar accessorie

$7.99 on Amazon

Extra electricity

If a bulky, battery enhanced is not going to work, external batteries can provide a power push when needed. These rechargeable energy storage accessories can be useful for those long hours of theme park fun.

HuaF Power Bank – A meter indicates remaining battery life on this brilliant battery.  2 devices can be charged at the same time and an LED flashlight offers help in dark spots.

A close up of a power bank

$30.99 from Amazon

Solar Power Bank – Not only can this charger use the sun for adding juice, a wireless Qi is part of the package. Dual LED lights and regular power cord (for conventional power) are included (plugging in the battery is a much faster method of charging).

Solar Power Bank

$29.99 at Amazon

Fan Club

Finally, a way to keep cool on warmer days.  These small air movers can attach directly to most smartphones (or external battery) for breezy relief.  Simply plug the tiny blade into the smartphone for personal comfort.  Works with iPhone or Android devices.

A blue fan connected to a smartphone

$9.99 from Amazon

From fancy fans to photo lenses, cases to chargers, adding these smartphone accessories to your gear when visiting the theme parks add versatility and life to your devices during your adventure.  Essentials like cases for protection and batteries for all-day power all but must-haves. Lenses, tripods and even fans offer added conveniences.

What is your favorite smartphone accessory to bring on a visit to the theme parks?

Source and images: Otterbox, Lifeproof, Mophie, PowerBear, Amazon

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