You can buy Disney Parks tickets at Sam’s Club for as low as $42 per day

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Disney vacations can be expensive, but there are definitely ways to save money on your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. And this year, Sam’s Club has made saving money a whole lot easier. Sam’s Club members can now buy Disney Parks tickets at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how.

In March, Sam’s Club announced that members can purchase Disney Parks tickets for a low as $42 per person, per day for Walt Disney World, and $44 per person, per day at Disneyland. That’s up to a 30% savings on theme park tickets. Sounds awesome, right? Here’s the catch: as always, the longer your Disney vacation is, the less you will have to pay per day for a park ticket. So while a 10-day Walt Disney World vacation costs more than a 3-day one, your ticket-cost-per-day does decrease. This pricing model is the same whether you purchase your theme park tickets directly from Disney or not. 

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Selection and offers at Sam’s Club are constantly changing. To find out if this deal is available when your ready to take your Disney vacation check Sam’s Club online or contact your local Sam’s Club warehouse to see what they have in stock.

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Purchasing your tickets from Sam’s Club can save you a bit of cash. For example, when purchased directly from Disney, a 10-day Walt Disney World ticket will cost $47 per person, per day. So for a 10-day vacation, you can save approximately per person $50 if you purchase your tickets from Sam’s Club.

Purchasing your tickets from Sam’s Club shouldn’t cause any issues with your Disney vacation, either. As always, you can connect your Disney tickets to the Walt Disney World or Disneyland apps, as long as they are purchased through an authorized retailer like Sam’s Club or Undercover Tourist. However, even though purchasing discounted Disney Parks tickets can save you money on your vacation, it isn’t always the best way to get the most savings when booking a Disney trip. Often, Disneyland and Walt Disney World release deals that can save you a lot of money on your vacation packages, hotels, or park tickets. The theme parks offer Florida and California resident ticket offers, and even discounts for Military families. Some discounts apply to entire vacation packages and not just theme park tickets, so be sure to do your research so you find the best deal.

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We know booking a Disney vacation can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to save as much money as possible. An Authorized Disney Vacation planner knows how to get the best rates on Disney vacations and can help you plan a trip best for your budget. Click here for a no-obligation quote from Academy Travel to find out more.

What are your best tips for saving money on a Disney vacation? Share them with us in the comments!

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