Accio aerials: Wizarding World themed show coming to Omni Fandom Expo

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Omni Fandom Expo

Harry Potter fans may wish they had a Time-Turner, as Shinobi School is bringing their acrobatic magic, Wizarding World-style, to Omni Fandom Expo this March. Apparating fan favorites from Fantastic Beasts as well as beloved characters and chilling Dementors, the truly talented troupe is sure to cast a spell on audiences.

Elements of the enigmatic engagement materialized at other fan conventions to the delight of muggles and wizards alike. Mystery magical guests will join Luna Lovegood and others on stage with spellbinding feats of acrobatic skill as part of a unique story only Shinobi School can deliver.

Wizarding World Expo poster

If Shinobi School and Omni Fandom Expo sound familiar to Inside the Magic readers, it is most likely due to an animated Omni Expo performance dedicated to the Disney video game phenomenon Kingdom Hearts (which appeared on Inside the Magic last spring).

Kingdom Hearts Treasure the Memories

This year, magic takes center stage at Omni Fandom Expo as Shinobi School and CRH (Crazy Random Happenstance) delights muggles with “WIZARDING WORLD: HISTORY OF MAGICAL MOVEMENT – A Wizarding World Aerials and Stunt Show.” This spelltacular spectacle is part of the main events at the 2019 Omni Fandom Expo taking place in Orlando March 15 – 17.

Wizarding World

“N.E.W.T. exams are just around the corner at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Albus Severus is staying up late studying! Join him and his friends in the Great Hall for a retelling of the History of Magical Movement throughout the Wizarding World.” – Omni Fandom Expo website

A group of Dancers

Now in its sixth year of entertaining fans, “The biggest little con you’ll attend all year!” has imported some heavyweight headliners from the across pop culture fandom.  Mamoru Yokota, animation director for “Death Note” and “Naruto Shippuden” joins voice actors Paul St Peter (“Kingdom Hearts,” “Digimon”) and Derek Stephen Price (“Digimon”). Cosplay legends, 501st Legion (“Star Wars”) and even a professional Marty McFly impersonator join the ranks. Exciting events like the Voltron Sleepover and super shows (world premiere of “An Avengers Line: A Parody”) complement costume contests, dance parties and more for the wickedly wild weekend.

Wizarding World Expo poster

Avengers Expo poster

“WIZARDING WORLD: HISTORY OF MAGICAL MOVEMENT – A Wizarding World Aerials and Stunt Show” takes the stage in main events at 3 pm on Saturday, March 16. This fan-centric pop culture convention converges on the Florida Hotel & Conference Center (adjacent to the Florida Mall), in Orlando FL, March 15 – 17. Check out the entire weekend line up (including host hotel information – fans will want to spend the night to catch all of the action) on the Omni Fandom Expo website.

Source and images: Omni Fandom Expo website and Facebook page

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