The Wizarding World in Winter – 5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Harry Potter Style

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Already magically entertaining, the Wizarding World in Winter offers extra enchantment for the holidays. From mesmerizing attractions and theme park entertainment to at-home potions, it’s easy to see how holidays Harry Potter-style can cast its spell over the season.

Combining the old world charm of Yuletide traditions from yesteryear with modern fairytale-like adventure, Christmas in the Harry Potter universe has a special, almost organic charm. Castles, snow-covered historic chalets and, of course, the most famous wizard, Santa Claus, lend themselves to this mythical merrymaking magic realm.

1. Theme Park Enchantments

Outside of the vivid imagery of the Harry Potter novels and the motion picture masterpieces they inspired, carefully crafted environments at Universal Studios’ theme parks are the best way to enjoy the Wizarding World.

Projection powered magic cast upon the canvas of Hogwarts Castle depicts images of Holidays Harry Potter Style while simple pine, mistletoe and ribbon garlands decorate the shops of Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley. Magical merchandise for the season and festive Owl Post delivery options help both wizards and muggles send Christmas gifts. Tempting treats like a special Holiday feast (at either the Three Broomsticks or Leaky Cauldron) along with a powerful sweet potion known to most as hot Butterbeer tease taste buds. Combined with snow-covered shops dripping with icicles, these enchanting elements form the seasonal spell that can only be found within the Wizarding World realms of Universal’s theme parks.

2. A Magical Christmas Tree

The new Harry Potter Christmas Shop at Islands of Adventure (Universal Orlando Resort) offers a host of Wizarding World holiday décor for giving your Evergreen tree a holiday Harry Potter-style enchantment.

Seasonal spell casting inspiration can be found in the home of At Home Imagineering wizard and accomplished author Jasper Price. Recently, he sent us images of his tree trimmed with Harry Potter Yuletide cheer.

3. DIY hot butterbeer

One of the best (and easily addictive) treats to materialize within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios parks is the winter version of a fan favorite. The official potion scrolls with directions on how to craft this warm wonder is a closely guarded secret (perhaps hidden in the vaults of Gringotts). However, several make-at-home versions have surfaced online.

4. Spellbinding Sounds

Trimming trees Harry Potter-style, either by hand or wand, while sipping hot Butterbeer becomes much more festive with the right audio accompaniment. Either ambient environments inspired by magical moments and spellbinding settings from the Harry Potter stories or parody Christmas Carols (and other wayward wizarding inspired tunes) found on any of the four “Jingle Spells” albums (found on Amazon) help set the mood.

5. Lumos!

Christmas lights are a magical part of the muggle holiday decoration tradition. These Harry Potter style holiday decorations are both inspiring and illuminating.

Will any of these Wizarding World winter wonders be a part of your Yuletide festivities?  If so, please direct your memory making spells towards the comments section.

Source and images: Jasper Price Facebook page, Michael Gavin, YouTube

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